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How to correctly measure the stack and reach of your bicycle

How to correctly measure the stack and reach of your bicycle

Know what the REACH and the Stack of the picture is essential to choose the perfect size if you are thinking of buy a bicycle or if you want to improve the posture on your usual bike. He Stack and the REACH They are two fundamental measures and a very reliable standard to determine the size that best suits your measures. He REACH o Scope is the horizontal distance, parallel to the ground, which exists between the highest point of the direction pipe and the vertical of the pedalier axis. He Stack o Height of the table, meanwhile, is the distance perpendicular to the ground between the pedalier axis and the upper tube of the direction. [IRP posts = "87" name = "How to choose the correct bicycle size"] If you still have doubts or are not familiar with both terms, we explain them thoroughly in our article What are the Stack and Reach of a Bicycle. In this post we will focus especially on how to measure them correctly.

Why it is useful to know the REACH and the Stack

Stack and reach of a bicycle Current bicycle frames, whether road or mountain, do not have totally horizontal or vertical tubes, such as old models. The inclination of the upper or vertical tube to adapt to one or the other use (great background, aerial, cross country, enduro, etc.) makes the traditional measurement of the vertical tube to determine the size is no longer valid. [IRP Posts = "4255" Name = "How are an Aero Bicycle, a climber and a great background?"] He REACH, being an imaginary horizontal line projected on the tube, does not take into account the inclination or Slooping of one or another model, because each bicycle has yours. The same goes for the vertical line of the Stack. Thus, it becomes a standard that you can compare between one or another bike model, either of the same or different brand. At the same time, you can know precisely if the size adapts to your position on the bike, because the conjunction of REACH and Stack Determine that position. In this way, you will avoid adaptation problems due to the variations of the same size (for example, the m), between one brand or another, or between two models of the same brand, but of different segments.

Simple formulas to measure the Stack and the REACH

Measuring tape To correctly measure the REACH and the Stack You will need to support your bicycle on a wall, keeping it straight and with the back wheel in contact with another wall that is done on the corner. You can guide yourself in This Bike Radar article, where they offer a very simple formula to calculate both measures. Once the bike is placed against the wall, take a tape measure and take two horizontal measures to determine the REACH. The first is the length between the pedalier axis and the end furthest from the rear wheel, which should be playing the wall. Then, take the second measure, this time among the highest point of the steering pipe (in the center) to the wall. He REACH From that bicycle it will be the result of subtracting this last measure with the length between the pedalier axis and the wall.
REACH = The horizontal distance between the steering pipe and the wall where the rear wheel less the horizontal distance between the pedalier axis and the same wall.
For him Stack Make two other measurements, this time vertically. The first is to measure the height between the center of the Pedalier and the floor. The second will be the height between the highest point of the direction and soil pipe. He Stack It will be the result of subtracting the height of the soil direction pipe and the height of the pedalier axis with respect to the same ground.
Stack = the height from the direction pipe to the ground minus the height from the pedalier axis to the ground.
In this simple way it is possible to obtain both values ​​so that they serve as a standard. If you want to buy a bicycle and you are not sure what size will you do better, you can compare the REACH and Stack Of your current bicycle, measured in your own home, with which it appears in the geometry tab of the size you want.

Professional method: Biomechanical study

Beyond the recommendations of the size of the brands themselves, through tables, calculators (such as Custom4.us), or your own measurements, the best way to know the REACH and the Stack correct is to make a biomechanical study. With the help of a professional who will measure and monitor all your movements on the bike. You can precisely obtain this measure. In addition, they can advise you on possible Bicycle settings to adapt to both measures. For example, if the REACH From the bicycle it is longer than the one you need, it is possible to change the power and install a smaller length, or move the armchair through the rails forward to bring it closer to the direction pipe. As for the Stack, you can make adjustments in the height of the armchair or in the handlebar. The latter can be done by adding spacers between the direction pipe and the power to raise this and the handlebar, thus increasing the Stack.
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