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How to choose the most suitable roller to train at home

How to choose the most suitable roller to train at home

If you have been going around a roller for some time to make cycling at home, either for lack of time or not to lose training days for the bad weather, this guide to choose the appropriate roller will guide you in your purchase definitively. Training with the roller at home has numerous benefits for the improvement of your status. That is why although the investment is high at first you will amortize it quickly. Roller pedaling sessions are very effective since there are no external or environmental elements that negatively influence training. In this way you will take advantage of each pedal much more and you will quickly improve your performance. On the other hand, if you compete or do cycroist marches usually and train with a plan defined by means by exteriors.

Roller types for cycling: advantages and disadvantages of each

Roller with bike Currently, the Roller offer for cycling The market is summarized in the following types, attending to its operation and type of wheel anchor:

Magnetic roller

It is the best -selling type of roller and the most widespread among fans. They are the cheapest (between 100 and 200 euros), compact and is the best option for occasional training, either for bad weather or not to have several hours to train. The magnetic uses a roller with magnets to offer pedaling resistance. This resistance can be regulated from the roller structure itself, or from a remote control with cable included with the product that we can install in the handlebar. For the assembly of the rear wheel, the shaft must be changed to a specific one that comes with the roller. Then, you have to match the two ends of the axis with the upper terminations of the metal arms. This upper part of the arms includes a quick closure to fix the wheel to the roller. Finally, you have to place a specific plastic support to raise the front wheel and keep the bike straight. This support is usually sold separately and costs € 20.

Advantages of the magnetic roller:

  • It is more economic.
  • It is compact size.
  • The resistance can be regulated.


  • Is noisy.
  • It offers a less realistic pedaling experience than fluid or transmission.
  • They wear the back cover.
You should not only choose your roller based on the frequency of use, but also for aspects such as the space of your home or the noise you can do

Fluid roller

Instead of the magnetic magnets, the fluid roller uses oil to resistance to the rear wheel. This achieves a more realistic and, very important, silent pedaling sensation. The size and assembly of the wheel are similar to the magnetic, but it differs in that it does not have a resistance regulator. The fluid adapts its 'brake' to the pedaling of the cyclist and the chosen development. They are also more expensive than magnetic rollers (between 200 euros and 400 euros)

Advantages of the fluid roller:

  • It is quieter.
  • It is compact size.
  • It offers a more realistic pedaling sensation.


  • It does not have a resistance regulator.
  • Its price is higher.

Rulles roller

It is the traditional roller and in recent years a lot has become popular for different cycling disciplines, such as the track or the Mountain Bike. It is a rectangular structure with three curlers, two for the rear wheel, closer to each other, and one for the front. The bike is simply placed on them and the cyclist must get and pedal on it at all times. Otherwise there is a risk of losing your balance, since there is no anchor to the rulo. You just have to adjust the position of the rollers to match the wheelbase of the bike. For this, many models include a guide with measures to facilitate adjustment. It is very useful for training the balance on the bicycle and optimal to roll with high pedaling cadence. To more cadence, the bike will be more balanced. They occupy more space, but most can be folded to keep. As for prices, there are different ranges and economic models can be found for only 100 euros.

Advantages of the roller roller:

  • They offer a very realistic sensation of pedaling.
  • They are optimal to train balance and cadence.
  • You can find them in a wide price range.


  • They occupy enough space (although there are some that are folding)
  • Prior adaptation or support (a wall or chair) is necessary so as not to lose balance in the first uses.
Thus they heat the bikers of the Mountain Bike World Cup in the roller roller: https://youtu.be/d2FgpSw2ud4

Direct transmission roller

They are the rollers that are most useful road cyclists. They use them to train, to heat before a race, to stretch your legs after it or to accelerate recovery. Direct transmission rollers use the same type of resistance as fluid, by oil. But instead of anchoring the rear wheel in the roller we can install our own cassette, or an extra for the roller, hook the chain and thus dispense with the wheel. With this, the tire is avoided and a more realistic and silent sensation of pedaling is obtained. As a counterpart, they are the highest price in the market (more than 500 euros) and also occupy more size than a magnetic or fluid and some models cannot be folded.

Advantages of direct transmission roller:

  • They offer a very realistic pedaling experience.
  • They are very silent.


  • They have a high price.
  • Some models come without built -in cassette and you have to buy it apart.
The roller roller is the most recommended to train Mountain Bike for its best qualities to train bike balance

What roller choose according to the use or modality

Rulles roller Presented and analyzed the different types of roller that exist in the market, it is time to recommend one or the other based on the frequency of use that you are going to give, your level or the modality practiced. If you are only going to use the roller in winter and occasionally, by rain or snow abroad, your choice should be a magnetic or curlers, especially for its price and because you will only need it to sporadically supply your routes in abroad. On the other hand, if you do not like cold and prefer to exercise at home more frequently, you should opt for a fluid, more adapted to demanding training and your natural pedaling. On a higher level there would be direct transmission, very useful for high performance sessions. In addition, many of them include power sensors or specific screen software to control all training values. As for the modality, that of Rulos is more recommended for the Mountain Bike for its best qualities to train the balance on the bike, although you can also use it with a road bike. To do base training or build the road shape, a fluid roller is the best option. And, if not eschatimas in budget, level up with a direct transmission.

Aspects to value when buying a roller

Here are some aspects that you should value before deciding for one type of roller or another, beyond the budget you have.


You must take into account the space with which you have home to train when buying a cycling roller. If you have little, the ideal is to get a magnetic or fluid, which are also folding.


It may seem a trivial detail, but some rollers, especially those of magnetic resistance, make a lot of noise. This can be an inconvenience if you live in a small floor where you can bother the neighbors. If you do not have a room or stay reserved to train and you have to install the roller in the living room, the noise is important to avoid discomfort with your partner, your family or your housing colleagues.

Maximum resistance (W)

It also loses a few minutes to look at the maximum roller resistance expressed in watts (W) and its different levels. The greater the resistance, more hardness and wear you can contribute to your training sessions.

Extras: Power sensor or simulators

Check out the extras that it includes (power sensor, the cassette in the direct transmission ...) or the compatibilities with the Virtual cycling simulators, such as Zwift or Traineroad. These simulators will allow you to immerse yourself in a virtual cycling session while pedaling, competing with cyclists from all online and, ultimately, making training more enjoyable. https://youtu.be/21KFmZA_Zl0
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