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How to choose good cycling glasses

How to choose good cycling glasses

Cycling glasses have become an almost essential accessory. It is not simply about protecting the eyes of the annoying sun rays when we go by bicycle, but also protect us from the air, dust, mosquitoes or from the small stones that can jump. When choosing cycling glasses we can fall into the mistake of letting ourselves guide for the design, color or aesthetics. However, it is not a fashion complement, but an accessory that must provide us with security, comfort and protection in our cycling activity. It is a situation similar to buying a jersey. Beyond that we like the design and that we have a good or regular one, it is important that it meets a series of characteristics: that the tissue is comfortable and breathable, that the seams do not leave friction, that isolate us from the cold, the rain or wind, etc. With cycling glasses it happens exactly the same. A bad lens can damage our eyes and an inappropriate mount can harm us. We have talked to Sunglasses Restorer about what are the characteristics that we must take into account when buying cycling glasses. This is what they recommend:

What good lenses should have

Cyclist with jersey and glasses The lenses are the most important element of cycling glasses. They must provide us with protection against ultraviolet radiation, protection against impacts and offer us good visibility, since the last thing we want is that they fogged, crack or prevents us from seeing correctly. Below we indicate which are the main characteristics that should have good lenses.

That have UE/FDA approval

The first thing we should look at is that the lenses have the ultraviolet protection certification of the European Union (or the FDA in case they are from an American manufacturer). This approval guarantees that the lenses comply with the established regulations in relation to the locking of ultraviolet radiation. The glasses that do not have this certification are not recommended, since we have no guarantee of the degree of security they offer before the sun or impacts. "When we put on dark lenses the eyes expand. If that lens does not have the correct protection against sunlight, we will reach more UVA and UVB radiation," explains Gerardo Zarzo de Sunglasses Restorer.

That are polycarbonate

In addition to the protection against sun's rays, cycling bicycles must also protect us against impacts, whether small stones that jump from the road or a fall. "Polycarbonate material is the ideal for any sporting glaf where there is a risk of breakage, such as Airsoft, Padel or industrial activities," says Gerardo Zarzo. It is a high impact resistance material and also offers good optical properties. Cyclist with helmet and glasses

That provide a good field of vision

This aspect is decisive. When we choose some sunglasses we must look at the fact that when we put them on we do not notice the mount when looking in any direction. This is the reason why cycling glasses have no mounting at the bottom of the lens, but only are held at the top. "If the glasses do not have a good field of vision it will be uncomfortable, because it will force us to look at the edges of the glasses. And on the road this is something you will never want," says Gerardo Zarzo. In addition to offering a very wide field of vision, it is also important that the lenses have a good optical definition. Unlike conventional sun glasses, cycling glasses usually wear very curved lenses. In this way they can cover a greater field of vision and adjust better. This degree of curvature sometimes makes the image that comes to us through the lens is slightly distorted. That is why we sometimes have the feeling that objects look bigger when we look at them through cycling glasses. This phenomenon forces our eyes to make an extra effort to correct the approach. If we are going to spend many hours with them, it is an impacting to choose cycling glasses with a good definition and lens sharpness.

Have ventilation

The last thing we want when we are in the middle of a bicycle route is to have to stop to break the glasses. Hence the importance of the lenses of good cycling glasses are ventidated and, being possible, with anti vaho treatment. "This will cause the air to circulate between the face and the back of the lens. Thus they will not tarnish," says Gerardo Zarzo. The way of knowing if the cycling glasses lenses have ventilation is very simple. We must simply look at the top have some holes or slots. Cycling glasses

That are interchangeable or photromatic

Not all lenses equally filter light. And not every day we will find the same level of luminosity and solar radiation when we go out by bicycle. Even making a route in a single day we can find sections in which the sun is clouded, sections in which it shines with greater intensity and sections where the light is more, as happens for example when rolling along a path that crosses a closed forest. That is why some models of sunglasses are sold with various types of interchangeable lens. "This is an advantage, since it gives us the possibility of changing the lenses depending on the weather. In a day with a lot of light, we would need quite dark crystals to be comfortable. While if yours is to practice Mountain Bike between forests, or salts To pedal a cloudy day, the ideal are lighter or photromatic lenses, "says Gerardo Zarzo. An advantage of photromatic lenses is that they darken depending on the luminosdiad of each moment. On the other hand, we also have polarized lenses, which avoid the flashes and reflexes of the sun in all situations, offering great protection against light. However, under conditions of low luminosity they are not so practical.

That they are resistant to blows

Cycling glasses constitute a safety element both active and passive. Active security elements are those that help prevent accidents. In this sense the glasses prevent us from suffering from the sun, our eyes are irritated by the wind or make mosquitoes or dust in the eye that can cause a fall. Passive security elements, meanwhile, are those who, in case of accident, prevent the damage from being greater. That is why it is important that the cycling glasses lenses are blow -resistant, since in case of falling a poor quality lens can splinter and stick to the face or eyes.

What should have a good mount

Cyclist With regard to the mount, the most important thing is that they guarantee a good support and comfort and that they are resistant. Here a point to consider is the type of material with which it is manufactured. "It has to be hypoallergenic, moldable and resistant at the same time. It is not necessary to go to high -end materials like the Unobtainium of Oakley or the graphene of the Rudy Project, but unless they are a good quality acetate, "says Gerardo Zarzo. It is also important that the material is light, since we are going to wear the glasses on for several hours and we do not want to have the feeling that it generates an uncomfortable sensation. "The terminals of the pin, which are the final part of these and that allow to adjust the glasses above the ear, should be of a non -slip rubber. This provides an extra point of comfort and grip. And much better if these terminable ones are replaceable. " Cycling glasses must offer a good support to prevent them from moving or falling when we pass through a path with stones, a bumpy stretch or on a descent by a mountain road. But, above all, the comfort of glasses must measure it with the helmet on. It is important that we do not cause scratches, pressures or pains in our ear. There is a debate about whether it is preferable to wear glasses inside or outside the hull tape. Some cyclists prefer to take them through the inner part of the hull tape, as this gives them greater support. However, the most advisable thing is to take them on the outside, so in case of fall they will be fired and we will prevent them from breaking and stuck in the face.

Are the screen glasses better?

Triathlete Recently the so -called screen glasses have become fashionable, which instead of having two separate lenses, form a single lens that covers the entire face. As a advice, from Sunglasses Restorer they recommend those of two lenses. "It is not a commandment, but two lenses glasses usually grant better field of vision. The screen glasses are lighter and more comfortable, but there are times that they do not meet all the ergonomics requirements of the vision," concludes Gerardo Zarzo.
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