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How to avoid back pain when you go by bicycle

How to avoid back pain when you go by bicycle

According to the data of the World Health Organization, 80% of the inhabitants of the developed countries already suffer from different intensity related to the back or will suffer them at some point in their life. And if you are a cyclist, it is not necessary that the maximum world health agency confirms it to you. Although it has always been considered that the bicycle avoids lesions and musculoskeletal ailments on the back because it is not an impact sport, the truth is that the pain in the lower back is something frequent when long days are passed over the bicycle. Do cyclists suffer more or less pain in this part of the body than the rest of the population? Why does pain in the back occur when cycling is practiced? neck injury The discomfort in this part of the body is not due to a unique cause. It's more, When discomfort is suffered in the lumbar, dorsal or cervical area, it is usually due to more than one factor. In the first place, we must remember that, no matter how much love we have to our bicycle, remain sitting on a small armchair while pedaling for hours is not something that our body is designed naturally. In most cases, back pain in cyclists is produced by Postural or mechanical pathologies. When aerodynamic positions are adopted, intervertebral discs, ligaments and joints suffer greater pressure than usual in standing. Above the bicycle, on the one hand the curvature of the hip tends towards lordosis and, on the other, the position of the neck and head, to allow the vision of the road, generates a hyperextension with respect to the position of the rest of the trunk . MTB cyclist To this we must add that the greater the number of hours in these anomalous positions, the more probability of discomfort it exists.

What to do when you feel back in the back?

The best cure, as in the face of any ailment, is prevention. To start, too many times when it is riding a bicycle, something as obvious is forgotten as Choose the correct bicycle size. From here, we can act in different ways when pain arises:

Check that the height of the handlebar and armchair are adequate

We must verify if the degree of attack of our hip is correct. For example, A armchair too far will submit to the lumbar area to an over -relief. If it is too high, it will generate a harmful balancing in the hips, while if it is too low and does not allow the legs to stretch properly, it will prevent its normal placement. Cyclist bicycle

Do you have a leg longer than another?

If we suspect that we can have a leg a little longer than another, we may be facing the reason for our discomfort. It is a check that is included in the effort test. Of all ways un specialist can do a complete biometric study to check it. An adequate template can solve a decompensation with good results.

Prepare your body starting with the Core

The greater the strength and flexibility of the Core (the musculature of the middle zone of the body) we will remove the possibility of suffering back pain. Abdominal and lumbar play a key role in stabilization of the trunk and in the transmission of force. >>> How to work the abdominals effectively in triathlon Pelvis, psoas, quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks will benefit from a good toning of the area. You can consult your physical trainer for the best exercises for this part of the body or complement your cycling outputs with Pilates classes, in which these points are especially worked.

Alternate different positions

Although this point depends on the margin that we have for it for the effort, the type of land and speed, in general it is good that you change position on a regular basis. Change the trunk posture, slightly modify the grip or even spend a few seconds erect. You will give a breath to several muscles At the same time and you will favor uniform blood irrigation.

Always stretch

After each training you must stretch, and not do it as a mere procedure, but you must dedicate the attention it deserves. Paying special attention to the lumbar zone will help you download the muscles and prepare them for rest before the next effort requirement. physiotherapist

Go to the physiotherapist

Never dismiss the benefits that a regular visit to this specialist can repair. He will know how to find the points at which the tension accumulates, download them and not only that, but also know how to detect, even much better than yourself, what areas have an asymmetric or excessive load with respect to others.
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