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GPS Garmin Comparison, what cyclocomputer do you need?

GPS Garmin Comparison, what cyclocomputer do you need?

The choice of a device GPS For the bicycle it is in any cycling debate that is third. In this sense, Garmin It is the reference brand when we talk about Cycocomputer of high performance. They are, long, the best -selling devices on the market. Let's review your current range (Updated on May 18, 2022) To recommend the best option according to your needs. [IRP Posts = "6834" name = "Purchase guide: The best market cycling GPS"] Mounting a cyclocomputer with GPS on your bike has many advantages. Not only will it allow you to navigate previously loaded routes and tours, preventing you from losing orientation. You can also register and monitor many useful data for your training: unevenness, cadence, power ... In this sense, Garmin has cyclochocomputer adapted to any cycling profile ... and any pocket.
In addition to the specific functions of each device, all Garmin records and offers basic data of any cyclocomputer: speed, distance, unevenness, time, pending percentage, etc.
But before analyzing and comparing different models, we will ban the idea that a cyclocomputer can only be used by high -level cyclists. On the contrary, a Garmin device is recommended for both Beginners as for high performance runners. Amateur cyclists also need to register the data of our training, or guide ourselves on unknown routes that allow us to discover new places. [IRP posts = "3810" name = "How to choose cyclocomputer for your bicycle"]


Under the name Edge the Garmin GPS cyclochocomputers are grouped. There are five different devices. Each, designed for a specific cyclist profile, with their respective peculiarities.

Edge 130 Plus, the most economical

This is the entrance to the range model. It is the simplest and most economical GPS cyclocomputer of Garmin, which is below 200 euros. It is recommended for cycling that perform simple routes, or for urban cyclists.
📺 In this video of Garmin you can get an idea of ​​the operation of Garmin Edge 130 Plus. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuju1mquq4s[/embed]
The device screen is 1.8 ”and its graphics are in black and white, intuitive and easy to display. With him it is possible to synchronize training sessions created previously with Garmin Connect, and also with Trainingpeaks. Garmin Connect It is the application that allows you to monitor, analyze and share the sports activities recorded with your Garmin device. It even offers useful advice adapted to your needs. For its part, Trainingpeaks It is another platform that provides planning and analysis tools based on your training data. Garmin Edge 130 Plus also integrates the function Climpro To know how much the effort remains in a climb and thus regulate the effort. For its part, the navigation function is based on turn indications on a map of points trails. A simple, but effective interface for easy routes, with the possibility of setting the way back from a certain starting point. Cyclocomputer Recommended for: The Garmin Edge 130 Plus is particularly indicated for beginners or occasional practitioners. Also for urban cyclists who use the bike on their daily displacements.

Edge Explore

It is a GPS cyclocomputer mid-range. It improves the level of hardware and visualization of data with respect to Edge 130 Plus. The screen is touch, color and 3 ”.
📺 Here you have a promotional video of Garmin Edge Explore. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vefwmwg8n5y[/embed]
The navigation function is also more advanced. Includes own maps Garmin Cycle Map, pre -installed with indications turn to turn and function Trendline. Thanks to her, it is possible to find the most frequented routes by cyclists, both on the road and outside it. Recommended for: The Edge Explore is a cyclocomputer indicated for cycatourists who like to perform long routes, trips and discover new routes of mountain in MTB, without spending a lot of money. In addition, it expands compatibilities. On the one hand, with Garmin's security devices, such as radar varies or smart lights; on the other, with route or navigation applications such as Komoot and Wikiloc, among other.

Edge 530

The 530 model rises the level in terms of the number of specific functions for cycling, with the same price or very similar to the explore, more oriented to cycling that does not think about performance. With 530 it is possible to carry out thorough control of your bike outlets, with detail performance data.
📺 Here you have a presentation of Garmin Edge 530. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3i020Map7q[/embed]
If you follow a certain training plan, to achieve a peak of form in a career or cycling event, you can register, analyze and compare the different sessions, thanks to its full -color performance graphics.
Edge 530 and 830 share the same functions, but 530 does not have a touch screen.
It also has compatibility with electronic change SHIMANO DI2. Thanks to this, it is possible to register and visualize change data on the device, transmission configuration or battery battery and deviators. As for navigation, it comes with specific preloaded maps for cycling, whose routes are highlighted for a better visualization. The 2.6 ”screen, unlike the Explore model, is not tactile. Recommended for: Garmin Edge 530 is perfect for cyclists who want improve your level and participate regularly in cycling marches, races, etc. In addition, its navigation functions are advanced and the autonomy of the battery bends that of the Explore and 130 Plus models, reaching 20 hours.

Edge 830

The 830 means climbing a step to the GAMA high -end GPS cychamputer. Contributes the plus of the touch screen brilliant and intuitive compared to Edge 530. However, both 530 and 830 share the same functions of training, navigation and safety monitor, such as radar with rear light Garmin varies, capable of detecting nearby vehicles and offering an anti -theft alarm system for your bike.
📺 In this video, our bikineros friends make a very particular comparison between the models 830 and 530 of the Garmin Edge range. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0xjb2BNJ4A[/embed]
Also, compatibility with other technologies, such as SHIMANO DI2 Or the special function for the control of e-bike, is total. The same can be said regarding the connection with applications such as Strava, Komoot, Wikiloc or Trainingpeaks. Recommended for: Garmin Edge 830 is ideal For those who come out regularly In bicycle and the cycling is taken seriously, with the best material for their exits. The Edge 830 has all the functions of 530, with a better interface and touch screen, exceeding the € 350 barrier.

Edge 1030 Plus

Garmin defines it as the "definitive" GPS cyclocomputer. It is the top of the current brand offer and the choice of many professional corridors of all modalities. It has all the training, navigation and safety functions of the 530 or 830 devices, adding other intelligent such as the training assistant, which suggests tours and exits based on the current training load.
📺 Here you have a video made by Javier Bañón Izu around Garmin Edge 1030 Plus. [embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgx_x3vlbso[/embed] It may interest you. In This link You can see a conguesation that we had with Javier about Gravel.
There are also more options to create routes and new routes via Garmin Connect. It is also perfectly compatible with the routes of Strava either Komoot, which can automatically synchronize at the Edge 1030 Plus to navigate with total reliability.
1030 Plus offers exclusive functions such as group chats for teammates or grupeta and an assistant that warns you when to eat and drink during the route.
1030 Plus also adds alerts of Nutrition and hydration. It has a practical assistant that provides information about the physical state of the cyclist, so that it maintains a control of its energy in real time. In addition, the device will warn when the time comes to hydrate or eat. As for the aspect of security, with Edge 1030 Plus it is possible chat With your grupeta or training partners thanks to your Group messaging service. GPS cyclocomputer Also integ Grouptrack, an exclusive function that allows the position of the companions to consult on the screen itself, in the event that any is lost or declined from the group. Recommended for: Garmin Edge 1030 Plus should be the choice to high -level cyclists, experienced and go to train in a group. In fact, it is the choice of many professionals. It also has very useful functions of navigation and safety, very practical for cyclistas. It also has a generous screen size (up to 3.5 ”) and an autonomy of up to 24 hours. Consequently, the price rises to approximately 550 euros.

Conclusion: What Garmin do I buy for my bike?

As you can see, Garmin's range is not difficult to understand and is grouped into just five models. In this way, the choice of adequate GPS is simple. You just need to be clear about your needs, your level and the type of routes you make. If you are a beginner, or your budget is more limited, an Edge 130 Plus or Explore will be your best option. Both have navigation functions, which in the case of Explore come on pre -filled maps. They also allow you to register and monitor your training effectively. Cyclocomputer If your profile is more sporty, or advanced, you would have to move between models 530, 830 and 1030 plus. Remember that the main difference between 530 and 830 is the tactile screen of the latter. 1030 Plus adds more battery autonomy and specific functions such as nutrition monitoring or Chats group among colleagues. All Garmin cyclocomputer comes with standard standard support and certain models (1030, 830, 530) also include the front.
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