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Fox vs Rockshox, what fork to choose?

Fox vs Rockshox, what fork to choose?

Fox and Rockshox are the reference brands in suspensions for Mountain Bike practically since this modality took off in the 1990s. Currently, the assembly of suspensions of the market of Mountain bikes. That is why it is important to be up to date with their ranges, characteristics of forks and shock absorbers, technologies and adjustments for, when buying a bicycle or just changing suspensions, know what the brand and model that best suits your needs is. At the moment we are going to focus on the front suspension, listing the current fork models of the catalog of both brands, characteristics and the type of MOuntain Bike (XC, Trail, Enduro, etc.) for which they are destined. A complete and practical guide to guide you in your future purchase. [IRP Posts = "1007" Name = "How to perform a correct maintenance of the fork of your bicycle"]

Fox fork range

Fox32 fork Fox divides its range of suspension forks by the diameter of its bars. Likewise, each model is offered in different versions according to the buffer type used, from the simplest destined to the Mountain Bike occasional to the most complex and customizable dedicated to competition.

Fox 32

Fox 32 is the reference fork of the American brand for mountain cycling, limited to the Cross country. It was the first suspension fork for MTB that Fox launched to the market, back in 2001. Its great innovation with respect to other brands was to enlarge the diameter of the bars up to 32 mm, to provide greater rigidity and bicycle control in the most technical sections. Currently, and for three years, it has been available with the practical Step-Cast design, whose bars are cut in half in the lower part to give more space to the brake disc and the bushing. At the same time, this design saves material and weight, which is estimated at more than 360 grams with respect to the previous generation. But, apart from the Ultra Light Step -cast (whose lighter version weight at 27.5 ”is only 1,387 g), Fox also offers the version with conventional bars. All of them have 100 mm of travel, availability for wheels of 27.5 "and 29” and different finishes depending on the type of cartridge and damping system: Factory (high range) and performance (low-media range). At the same time, it is possible to choose the model with three position adjustment dial (up, plain or descent) or with remote blocking control from the handlebar.

Fox 34

Fox 34 is the most versatile fork and is indicated for bicycles of Trail. Its bars are 34 mm in diameter and is offered in three travel options: 120 mm, 130 mm and 140 mm, both for 29 "and 27.5" wheels, and a special version for e-bikes with a thickness of greater bars, in 120 mm or 140 mm. Thus, it covers all the assemblies and combinations of the Trail. On the other hand, he has recently inherited the STEP-BAST design of Fox 32, but with a little less step in his bars. This Fox 34 Step -cast is only available at 120 mm (for 29 "and 27.5" wheels) and is recommended for bicycles of bicycles Down Country (Bikes of Cross country with better descent behavior) or to practice a type of Trail More rolling. As in Fox 32, it can be acquired both in high -end factory version, and in the most affordable performance. The compression adjustment dials, meanwhile, are three (open, medium or closed) or two positions (open or blocked, controllable from remote control).

Fox 36

The fork with 36 mm fox bars is the one indicated to practice All Mountain either enduro. Tested in competition for the best RIDERS From the world, Fox 36 is a very rigid fork with a wide range of adjustments and travel options. In fact, by 2021 introduces the GRIP2 cartridge in its high -end version, with compression adjustment dial both low speed (pedaling) and high (obstacles, jumps and cuts). Apart from the GRIP2, it is available with the FIT4 system, with the three classic Fox adjustment modes: open, medium and closed (blocking). In addition, FOX 36 Factory forks with FIT4 add 22 extra position adjustment positions in open mode. Fox 36 has versions for wheels of 29 "and 27.5”, 150 and 160 mm tours, Factory and Performance Elite finishes and a special variant for electric bicycles, Fox 36-E, with a special anodized bar.

Fox 38

It is the last major novelty of the Fox suspension forks range. Fox 38 is an alternative for the most radical enduro, derived from 36. It is introduced for the first time into the 2021 range and increases the diameter of the bars to 38 mm. It also increases the route by 20 mm, until 180, although it has 160 mm and 170 mm versions. Fox 38 is a recommended fork for RIDERS adduca to Bike Park or make especially technical enduro routes. It incorporates the GRIP2 with high and low speed adjustments and can be acquired in three finishes: Factory, Elite Performance and Performance, both for wheels of 27.5 "and 29.. In addition, it also has an adapted version for Mountain electric bicycles, Fox 38-E.

Fox 40

Fox's 40 series refers to descent forks. Double platerine, rivals in the market with the rockshox boxxer. By 2021 it has been redesigned, introducing the GRIP2 cartridge and an EVOL optimized air chamber to gain customization and absorb better obstacles. It is only available in Factory finish with Kashima anti friction on the bars. It has availability for 27.5 "and 29” and its route is 203 mm.

Rockshox fork range

Rockshox fork Rockshox It is a pioneer in suspension systems for mountain bicycles. Since 1990, with the market launch of the unpublished and revolutionary fork RS-1, it is a reference in the suspension market. Currently, its range consists of 15 models, but they are not divided into series according to the diameter of the bars such as Fox. Rockshox has specific models for each modality of the Mountain Bike, in addition to others for low and half -ranges assemblies. This is your current offer.

Rockshox Sid

We start with the rockshox reference fork to Cross country, which rivals in the market with Fox 32. It has a long trajectory of achievements in competition behind it, with specific versions for racing, such as the SID-SL (only in 100 mm and 29 ”), and for fans (Sid range (range ). The latter, the conventional SID, has recently changed when introducing larger tour versions (110 mm or 120 mm) and a new chassis with 35 mm diameter bars, for bike assemblies Down Country and Trail. [IRP posts = "743" name = "trail, descent, xc, enduro ... everything you need to know about the 4 basic modalities of Mountain Bike"]

Rockshox Reba

It is the middle range XC for the brand, which also has a long trajectory in the suspension market. It is simpler, heavy and has fewer customization options than the SID, but it is still a very valid and reliable fork to train and even compete occasionally. It is available for both wheels of 27.5 "and 29” with travel options of 100 mm, 110 mm and 120 mm.

Rockshox Pike

Is the fork of Trail of the American brand, rival of Fox 34. With bars of 35 mm in diameter, it covers a wide range of tours, from 120 mm to 160 mm, allowing to mount even in many bicycles All Mountain or enduro. Combine the Air Chamber Debonair with the Charger 2.1 shock absorber to get a low friction fork, progressive in absorption and not as heavy as the most hardest options.

Rockshox Yari

The Yari is a mid -range fork that serves as an entrance to the series of All Mountain and rockshox enduro. Inherits the design of the Lyrik chassis, with 35 mm resistant bars and is available in 150 mm, 160 mm, 170 mm and 180 mm, in addition to wheels 27.5 ", 29" and 29 "plus, so It is an option to take into account for e-bikes. For the suspension it uses the Debonair chamber and the Motion Control shock absorber, with low -speed compression adjustment dial.

Rockshox Lyrik

The Lyrik is a quality leap with respect to the YARI in design, damping system and suspension settings. Instead of the Motion Control uses Charger 2.1 as well as the Pike, only with double adjustment of the compression to high (obstacles, jumps) and low speed (pedaling) in its higher finishes, the ultimate and the select +. The most economical finish, the SELECT, carries the Charger shock absorber, with the adjustment only of low speed. The Rockshox Lyrik is available for wheels of 29 "and 27.5”, in 150 mm, 160 mm, 170 mm and 180 mm travel options. The enduro market is disputed with Fox 36.

Rockshox Zeb

It is the response to Fox 38. A long -distance suspension fork between the enduro and the descent. The Rockshox Zeb also has a chassis with 38 mm diameter bars, but expands the range of Fox 38 tours adding 160 mm, 170 mm, 180 mm and 190 mm travel versions. It includes the Charger shock absorber in all its versions, although the Ultimate Select finishes have high and low speed settings. It is also available for both 29 and 27.5 ”and is also a good fork for radical e-bikes.

Rockshox Boxxer

The option for Rockshox descent is missing. Boxxer is a classic fork within the most radical discipline of Mountain Bike, present in the market since 1998. The current generation is offered to assemble in wheels of 29 "or 27.5", with 200 mm of travel and chassis with 35 mm bars. The range is divided into two models according to the finish: Ultimate (for competition) and SELECT, Something simpler and with less number of adjustments.

Other rockshox economic forks

To complete its wide range of suspension forks, Rockshox has variants for various modalities and low and medium range assemblies, such as 30, 35, XC, Recon, Sektor or the Revelation of Trail. Also an affordable fork for bicycles with plus wheel tires, up to 3 ”ball, such as Judy. Or the Bluto, with special chassis for Fat bIkes.
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