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Four days of pure Mountain Bike in the heart of Andalusia

Four days of pure Mountain Bike in the heart of Andalusia

Last week the Mountain Bike Spanish looked at the heart of Andalusia, specifically to Antequera, a town from where the return to Andalusia MTB began. Raised in four stages and four provinces, this edition allowed runners to enjoy very different land and knowing places with different orography, flora and fauna. With a participation of runners rather than nationally recognized, the show and the career atmosphere were insured, because in this edition they were cited Bikers Of the like Triki Beltrán, Juan Pedro Trujillo or Jesús del Nero. On the female side, the Portuguese Celia Carpinteiro and the Spanish Ana Belén García would take out the shouts of the mood of the fans who approached to give heat to the runners. [embed] http://youtu.be/5d5texf2nq8[/embed]

Night chronoscalad

The inaugural stage took part in the Malaga town of Antequera, with a nightly chrono -scarce through the historic center of the city and a circular route of about six kilometers. The rhythm of the first runners denoted the level in the race, since the former completed the route in just over 11 minutes. On this occasion, Adolfo García took the game, ahead of José Luís Carrasco and Juan Pedro Trujillo, which was placed with the leader jersey for the next day. Carpinteiro took the stage in the women's category, ahead of Cristina Barberán and Ana Belén García.

Beltrán 'Triki' Assault

Friday's day, second day of competition, was played in the Cadizo de Cottonal town, in a privileged environment. The runners had the opportunity to delight in the places of the Sierra de Líjar and their well -known ascent to the "Mogote". On this occasion, the stage was developed at 69.8 kilometers and 2,400 meters of positive slope, which made it the most mountainous stage of the four that made up the return. This time Triki Beltrán was done with the stage victory after beating from the escaped group, formed by Alejo Fuentes, Fran Pérez and Victor Manuel Fernández. Finally, the Podium was completed by Victor Manuel Fernández and Adolfo García Quesada. The female departure was carried by Celia Carpinteiro, who kept the leadership ahead of Ana Belén García.


Third Day

The third of the four days had as their stage the province of Córdoba, specifically the city of Lucena, around which a stage of half mountain was developed 59 kilometers and 1360 meters of positive slope. On this day, for work reasons, Triki Beltrán could not take the exit, which would lose the leader's jersey. However, the rhythm imposed it in the head group Adolfo García and José Luís Carrasco, hunting target of the group that rolled at a minute and formed by Victor Manuel Fernández, Javier Ramírez Bee and Alejo Fuentes. The distance between both groups was increasing as the kilometers ran and this allowed the battle for stage victory to be fought between the two head runners and that, finally ended with the triumph of José Luís Carrasco. Celia Carpinteiro continued to strengthen her leadership and increasing differences leaving ahead of Araceli Ramos and Ana Belén García.

Final victory

To conclude, the fourth and last of the stages of this third edition of the Tour of Andalusia MTB, the squad moved to the province of Seville, specifically to the municipality of Osuna. On a day marked by the high temperatures, the runners had to face a 70 -kilometer route and 1330 meters of unevenness that, with the accumulated fatigue of the previous three stages, promised a hard end end. From the beginning of the stage, a headboard composed of Víctor Manuel Fernández, Adolfo García and José Luís Carrasco, a group to which Triki Beltrán would last half of the stage was formed. Finally, Triki Beltrán won the victory of the stage although not with the general, because on the previous day he was absent. He was accompanied in the podium José Luís Carrasco and Adolfo García, who would finally take the general. In the departure of the females, the Portuguese Celina Carpinteiro raised her arms again to finally take the general. Second and third respectively were Ana Belén García and Araceli Ramos. Successfully, the third edition of the Tour of Andalusia MTB concluded, a career in stages that must of course be marked in bold in the calendar of every fan of the Mountain Bike for its enormous appeal.
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