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Are you looking for the best mountain electric bicycle? Here we are going to present some very top. Gordas wheel e-bikes have been on the crest of the wave for some time, as far as avant-garde in technological innovation is concerned. From light trail bicycles to the powerful enduro machines, there are as many models as ways of understanding the MTB. They are bikes that make the increases friendly, which add an extra power in the plain and that unleash all their performance and maneuverability in the descents. As the designs are perfected, their management rivals (and even exceeds, in some cases) with that of mountain bicycles without assistance. [IRP posts = "8866" name = "electric road bikes so that nothing stops you in 2023"] You can dedicate yourself to devouring the most steep and technical slopes or, simply, going faster and with a smile from ear to ear. The ability to go rapidly allows you to explore places that would otherwise be unattainable. Mountain electric bikes have traveled a long way in a short time. It is not so long that this new trend suffered contempt by the most purist sector. But time has put things in place. Even the competition already embraces this new cycling modality. The recently created EWS-E (Enduro World Series for E-Bikes) are a good example. The contact with the races at the highest level was the definitive push that the electric ones needed. Technology and competition are linked issues in the bicycle industry. The bike catalog with high -capacity batteries grows exponentially. At the same time the Range Extenders They allow prolonging the autonomy of batteries. In parallel, we live the golden age of superligent e-mtbs, with batteries and compact engines, which sacrifice some autonomy in favor of a weight and a FEELLING close to bicycles without assistance. Said all this, here we present some of the best electric mountain bicycles that you can aspire in 2023. They shout a privilege post in your particular desire list, don't you think?

Pivot Shuttle Lt: Radically playful

[Captation id = "Attachment_8903" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Pivot Shuttle Lt Pivot Shuttle Lt.[/caption] The first Shuttle pivot, launched in 2017, was a radical bicycle for its time. One of the first carbon e-bikes with total suspension and integrated battery. It was light, had an exemplary damping and was different from any other market machine. It is an e-bike focused on enduro. Funny, playful, stable and with a super -schedule rear suspension, even in the most complicated land. The pods are particularly short. Its 439 mm contribute to the nervousness of the whole, which asks you to play from the first minute. The 756WH battery of great autonomy - developed for pivot with the main battery partner of Shimano - feeds a Shimano Ep8 motor unit and, more importantly, has been strategically placed in the lower tube of the Shuttle Lt. This design not only facilitates battery extraction, but also adjusts the center of mass to improve the management, sensation and confidence of the cyclist. No detail has been overlooked at the XTR brakes of 4 pistons, the huge 220 mm front rotor and the 203 mm rear, and the 2.5 "Assegai Maxxis tires mounted on the incomparable HX1501 specific wheels For EMTB of DT Swiss. The most recent model of the range is the Shuttle Lt. Inspired by the Firebird, the brand's enduro model, the LT is its e-bike of greater tour. In essence, it is very similar to the SL, but it has a 160 mm rear route and a 170 mm fork. As for the electrical system, it sets EP8 motor of Shimano and a 756 wh. Although Pivot only sells the Shuttle Lt with wheels of 29 '', the brand authorizes other sizes. Of course, it will be necessary to keep in mind that the rear wheel has a bushing Superboost 157 mm wide, common for a long time in more extreme modalities such as Downhill. Do you want more details? The pivot comes with four box sizes, two colors (blue or green), internal cable routing, rubber protectors for the chain, a robust protector for the lower tube, or an integrated USB-C port (to load a phone or a GPS). Here you can access the Mountain electric bicycles available in Tuvalum.

BMC Fourstrocke Amp Lt 2023: This is how silence sounds

[CAPTION ID = "Attachment_8902" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]BMC Fourstrocke Amp Lt BMC Fourstrocke Amp Lt.[/caption] Here you have an e-mtb that is pilota like a mountain bike muscular Thanks to its light construction and the silent TQ engine. A 300W unit with a weight of only 1.85 kg. The complete electrical system does not reach 4 kg. The AMP LT is the electric version of the four All-Mountain models that make up the Fourstroke range. At first glance, it is not easy to detect that we are facing an electric bicycle. The battery is housed in the diagonal tube, designed by BMC to be almost imperceptible, while being able to hide the wiring of the electrical system. Making electric bikes confuse with their counterparts without assistance is an unstoppable trend in the industry, and this e-bike is a good example. Thanks to the lightness of the set, the Fourstroke Amp Lt can mount a light suspension. The range is equipped with Fox 34 Stepcast or Rockshox Sid forks. The BMC tolerates tires of up to 29 '' and 2.4 ''. A guide prevents the chain from rebounding on the plate and an integrated fender protects from mud and dirt. The geometry of the AMP LT is the same as that of the rest of the Fourstroke family, with a direction angle of 66.5 degrees, a fall of the 40 millimeter pedalier and connecting rods of 170 millimeters. Only 3 millimeters are added to the length of the pods to leave space to the electric motor. The bike compensates it with a REACH shorter for larger picture sizes. The sensation and pedaling are those of a normal bicycle, due to the silence of the engine, its compact size and its low weight. The Fourstroke Amp Lt moves with the same agility, but with the advantage of a letter attendance. The battery charge port is located in the upper section of the lower tube. The display is stuffed in the upper tube, just in view of the cyclist. The screen is minimalist, but shows the necessary minimum information: the percentage of the remaining battery and autonomy. For more details, there is the mobile application tq. Here you can access the Mountain electric bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Trek Fuel Exe: Super League No, the following

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8901" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Trek Fuel Exe Trek Fuel Exe.[/caption] Trek also sought to develop the lighter E-MTB that could almost be confused with a conventional mountain bike. To do this, as has done BMC, it associated with TQ, the German firm known for its powerful electric motors, designed based on its experience in the robotic and space industry. Simply, brilliant. The engine does not carry straps or gears. Fuel Exe develops perfectly on difficult paths and rises like a real beast. This is the electric version of its 140 mm trail bicycle, driven by 50 Nm of pedaling assistance. It is the first EMTB of the world equipped with the TQ-HPR50 engine. The manufacturer declares a weight of 3.9 kg for the motor and drum set. A figure that places it as the lightest in its category. The new exe Trek Fuel moves in the models segment such as the Orbea Rise or the Turbo Levo SL of Specialized. We talk about the category of Super League E-Mtbs, which is developing rapidly. The lighter model is the Fuel Exe 9.9 XTR, with a weight that does not reach 18 kg, but exceeds 12,000 euros. This is the market. A particularity of the bike is that it occupies an intermediate space between two categories: the beasts Full Power of great power and long journey and the light models of short journey and more modest power. Thus, the Fuel Exe has a 150/140mm route and a generous and adjustable trail geometry. The new TQ HPR50 engine has a moderate power, but it is ultrasilence. The result, balance and funny pilot. If you are looking for an electric with the sensations of pure trail bike, the trek is made for you. The tiny engine is located on the pedalier and allows the pods to be short, 440 mm. The 360WH battery is located in the lower tube and the system's power/monitor button is at the top of the upper tube. Here you can access the Mountain electric bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Bianchi e-vertic fx-type pro: aggressive spirit

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8900" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Bianchi E-Victic FX-Type Pro Bianchi e-vertic fx-type pro.[/caption] Behind the tongue twisted e-vertic FX-Type Pro hides the flagship of Bianchi to fight, elbow elbow, with the most evolved mountain electric. The prestigious Italian brand has launched this E-Victic range, which includes two bike options with double suspension and a rigid bicycle. This range of the range is a double -rod -raised carbon mounting and equipped with 160 mm travel, both in front and behind. The Bianchi is driven by the famous Bosch Performance Line CX engine, equipped with an 85 nm motor torque. Bosch is also the battery brand. Its 750 Wh can provide autonomy, according to the manufacturer, up to 150 km; A very high figure that will depend on the march conditions, of course. Likewise, a complete recharge time of only six hours is declared. Do not expect to find it with the iconic green of the Italian brand. Even so, the new Bianchi will attract the most demanding enduro and trail cyclists. Not by chance we are facing one of the best e-Mtbs in the market. It has 160 mm of travel, both in fork and in shock absorber. His engineers have created a complete carbon box and a front triangle with a transverse clamp. In this way, it improves lateral rigidity and the direction becomes more precise when descending through technical terrain at high speed. The e-vertic FX-Type Pro is for Bikers aggressive that move enter the trail and enduro. Its geometry is configured to obtain maximum performance and stability in technical land. Assemble a generous handlebar 780 mm wide and a 50 mm compact power. The brakes are four pistons throughout the range, with Shimano in the basic and magura version in medium and high ranges. They combine with 203 mm discs. If on your routes you are left over with a 160 mm route, you may be interested in a FX-Type with a similar design, but in aluminum. The route here is limited to 140 mm, but --curiously - it has a direction angle of 65º, slightly lower than the range of range. Here you can access the Mountain electric bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Cube stereo hybrid 160: maximum benefits, incredible price

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8899" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 Cube Stereo Hybrid 160.[/caption] A powerful and elegant enduro electric bicycle. It is in sight. In addition, it will be difficult for you to find a similar machine with such a superlative money ratio. The PVP moves in € 8,750. It is not that it is a price of demolition, but winner if we compare it with other bikes of its segment. The Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 stands out for its brilliant painting and its impressive technical specifications. A new picture is combined with a 750Wh battery, which provides excellent autonomy. His geometry speaks of a comfortable bicycle in the climbs and firm in the descents. The piloting is agile, to which a short rear part and some 27.5 -inch wheels contribute. For some cyclists, wheel size can be a disadvantage. Perhaps, at least, a configuration Mullet, I could leave everyone happy, but the reality is that the bike's behavior is extraordinary. The suspension is soft and progressive. The bike grows in the trialeras and the traction is spectacular in any circumstance. You can not ask for more. In summary, its geometry and wheel configuration make this model an agile e-bike, with capital letters. An ideal option for advanced cyclists looking for a great power MTB with which to play, jump and slide at full speed through a bikepark, for example. The Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 is equally advisable for beginners looking for a comfortable and predictable machine. In short, a versatile model and with a surprising cost-benefit ratio. Here you can access the Mountain electric bicycles available in Tuvalum.
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