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First case of technological doping in an amateur race

First case of technological doping in an amateur race

[video width = "720" height = "720" mp4 = "https://tuvalum.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/vid_61980405_054309_917.mp4"][/video] For a couple of years he has been speculating with the idea that the last border of doping in cycling is not in the field of medicine, but in that of technology. In January 2016, the ICU sanctioned the Belgian cyclist Femke Van Den Driessche after it was demonstrated that he had used a bicycle with a hidden engine during one of the test World Cup World Cups of Ciclocross of Sub-23 category. >>> Thus the UCI pursues technological doping Since then the International Cycling Union has intensified its efforts aimed at the detection of fraud of this type. police The surprising thing is that the second case detected has not occurred in the high competition, but in an amateur test. A French amateur cyclist has been arrested during a career accused of using a hidden engine on his bicycle. The corridor was being followed by the authorities of the Gallic country for several weeks, since the results he obtained were surprising. The French Federation of Cycling and the French agency for the fight against doping decided to give notice last summer to the police and undertook an investigation that ended last Sunday, with the detention of the cyclist during a race in Aquitaine.
The French Cycling Federation asks the Ministry of Sports and the UCI to develop a specific plan to fight technological fraud in amateur category tests
It is a 43 -year -old fan who recognized the events at the time of his arrest. During his statement before the prosecutor who instructs the operation, he confessed to having used the bicycle with engine in at least 5 races since August 21, winning € 500 in prizes. Therefore, I could face a process for sports fraud. In his defense, the defendant has indicated that he decided to install an engine on his bicycle "to compete in equality" with other amateur cyclists, of which they say they use "various doping methods." cyclists running From the French Cycling Federation they consider this case as "a real insult to our sport", to the point that they have asked the French Sports Ministry and the ICU "an ambitious action plan to fight against technological fraud at events of High level, but also and, perhaps even more, in amateur tests. " The bicycle had a hidden engine incorporated into the Pedalier axis. The battery camouflaged in the drum. The French Cycling Federation has warned that it will intensify controls in fans races, fearing that this type of fraud begins to spread. Attaching an engine to the pedalier axis to provide extra pedaling aid does not imply a great technological challenge. There are electric kits in the market that can be installed in virtually any bicycle model. In the last edition of the UNIBIKE FAIR, recently held, we could see in action how one of these kits works, with the battery housed in the vertical tube drum and the engine on the pedalier axis.
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