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Enjoy the story on the II route of the castles and battles of Jaén

Enjoy the story on the II route of the castles and battles of Jaén

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_avmZbXVYck The best sub-23 of the national and international landscape will meet among the next May 19 and 21 in the province of Jaén To participate in the spectacular route of castles and battles, in the second edition of the test. It had been almost 25 years that Jaén did not have his own cyclist, and tradition was recovered in 2016, although it was played in the Junior category. This test is consolidating this year. The tour has been created under the Supervision of the legendary former cyclist 'Triki' Beltrán, and is divided into three stages, for a total of 404.7 km, with an accumulated slope of 5,387 meters. The Arjonilla cycling club is responsible for the organization. The tour will travel through more than three dozen Jienenses municipalities. The inaugural stage part of Lopera, and concludes in La Carolina. Between half, more than 132 kilometers and almost 2,000 meters of accumulated positive nude. The Altos de Vilches, La Porcuna and Las Navas de Tolosa will rise, considered a third category port. More demanding if possible will be the second day, than concludes in the Alto de Segura de la Sierra, first category, after exceeding those of Iznatoraf (2nd), ArroTuras (3rd) and Benatae (3rd), and even a brief stretch of pave. The stage will start from Sabiote, it will travel 135 km and accumulate more than 2,000 meters of positive slope. The last day starts from Arjonilla, and will force the participants to overcome the Altos de Castillos de la Encina (3rd category), Lahiguera (3rd), Arjona (2nd) and the Arjonilla station (3rd), for A total of 135.3 kilometers.
A total of 15 teams participate, 13 of which take part in the Spanish Cup en route
As for the participating teams, they will be a total of 15. Thirteen of them participate in the Spanish Cup of the category. These are:
  • Nga Human Resources-Semar (Andalusia)
  • Controlpack (Catalonia)
  • Polartec-Foundation Accountant (Community of Madrid)
  • Spanish Pizzería (Community of Madrid)
  • EC Cartrido.es-Magro (Community of Madrid)
  • GSport-València Esports-Wolfbike (Valencian Community)
  • Mutua Levante-Ginestar-Metal Lube (Valencian Community);
  • Rodríguez Extremadura (Extremadura) bicycles
  • Lizarte (Navarra)
  • Rural-Sigur Caja RGA (Navarra)
  • Baqué-Bh Team (Basque Country)
  • Dare Viator Maype (Region of Murcia)
  • Pérez Cánovas-Pemoy-Kross-Nomar Spain (Murcia Region)
The non -participants in the Spanish Cup that add to the test are:
  • Esteve-Chozas Team (Community of Madrid)
  • C4C-Jong WIERTALENT (Belgium)
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