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Do you want to come to Empordà BTT Extreme?

Do you want to come to Empordà BTT Extreme?

On April 8 and 9 it is celebrated on the Costa Brava and the Cordillera de las Gavarres La Twonav Empordà Btt Extreme. Would you like to participate in the test? We give 2 inscriptions for you and for whom you want! You just have to comment on this form by saying why you like to go by bicycle. Among all those who participate until March 29 we will overcome a pack of 2 free inscriptions to take the departure of the Empordà BTT Extreme. Enjoy one of the mountain bike adventures next to the best bikers on the national scene!

Why do you like to go by bicycle?👇

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  In addition, only for participating in the contest you will receive exclusive content and practical information about cycling. We do not spam.
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