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Do you know what the best -selling bicycle of 2018 was in the second -hand market?

Do you know what the best -selling bicycle of 2018 was in the second -hand market?

cyclist In the second -hand market you can find bicycles of very diverse range. Mountain, road, cyclocross, with carbon box, with electronic change, with 29 "wheels, with double suspension ... However, not all bicycle models have the same sales success. Trends regarding assemblies, components or wheel sizes vary over time. The brands and manufacturers take news every season with which to renew their bicycle models. And these changes in the new bike market are ended up moving to the second hand. In recent years this has been noticed fundamentally in two characteristics: the wheel size on mountain bicycles and the number of velocities of the cassette on the road. Bicycle mechanic Route bicycle models with 10 -speed piñoneras have a difficult way out in the second -hand market, unless its price is especially attractive. This is because most cyclists and cyclists looking for a used bicycle prefer it of 11 speeds. Something similar happens in the Mountain Bike segment. The Bikers They want to buy a mountain bike practically deny the models that mount wheels of 26 ", except certain very specific uses, such as descent bikes. What type of bicycles have been the most successful in the second -hand sale in 2018? And what models were the best selling? In Tuvalum we have made a report that includes the activity of the used bike cycling market. Here are the conclusions. cyclists running

The 'roads' prefer them with carbon

Let's start with the road segment. The most sold road bicycles last year in Spain had a series of common characteristics: carbon box, change Shimano Ultegra or Shimano 105 of 11 speeds and a maximum of 3 years old. Almost eight out of ten road bikes sold in 2018 in the second -hand market were carbon (77%). And almost nine out of ten set up a Shimano change group (88%). The 3 best -selling models of this segment were:
  1. Specialized Tarmac
  2. Orbea orca
  3. Giant TCR
Cyclist bicycle

Front suspension and wheels of 29 "

With regard to mountain bicycles, Spanish cyclists opted last year for bikes with aluminum and wheelchairs of 29 "with geometry of Cross country or XC. [IRP posts = "743" name = "trail, descent, xc, enduro ... everything you need to know about the 4 basic modalities of Mountain Bike"] By wheel size, 57% of Mountain Bikes Second -hand sold they set up tires of 29 ". It is a high percentage, but less than in previous years. This is because there are more and more cyclists who opt for bicycles of 27.5" for the practice of enduro or to make routes Techniques by paths and trialeras. [IRP Posts = "671" Name = "Welcome to the world of semi-Fat Bikes; so are the wheels 27.5 plus"] Mountain Bike As for the type of damping, more bicycles used with front suspension (59.2%) are still sold than double suspension (40.8%). Regarding the change group, 71% mounted a Shimano change, the XT being the most demanded. However, throughout 2018 there was a growth of the number of cyclists looking for a bicycle equipped with SRAM change, mainly NX or XX1 Eagle. The 3 best -selling mountain bicycle models were:
  1. Specialized Epic
  2. Orba Alma
  3. Scott Spark
Scott Spark 910

The top-10 bicycle top-10 best-selling bicycles in 2018

If we talk about brands, Specialized and Orbea were the brands that led the bicycle market used last year in Spain. More than one in five bikes sold were models of one of these two brands. And not only were the best -selling brands. They were also the most wanted, especially in the case of Orbea. The star model was the Oiz Orbea, which became the bicycle most sought after by cyclists. The average price of a second -hand bicycle sold in 2018 was 1,146 euros. The most expensive were the 'goats' of triathlon, or long distance bicycles, with an average price of € 1,580. The 10 best -selling second -hand bicycle models last year were:
  1. Specialized Epic
  2. Specialized Tarmac
  3. Orbea orca
  4. Orbea Alma
  5. Scott Spark
  6. Giant TCR
  7. Orbea Occam
  8. Berria Falcon
  9. Specialized Allez
  10. Scott Scale
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