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Cycling stores need our support

Cycling stores need our support

We eliminate our commission to all store products until April 26

We are living difficult moments as a result of Coronavirus Covid-19. Pandemia is hitting two essential pillars, such as health and economy. At times like this, our desires are with you and with the people affected by the virus. We hope your families, your nearby circle and you are well. For cycling stores it is a really hard situation. In Spain there are almost 3,000 stores and local bicycle workshops that remain closed to the public without the possibility of generating sales income. They are mostly small businesses and They run a serious risk of disappearing. In Tuvalum we are aware that without local stores there is no cycling. If they disappear, who is going to maintain bicycles to the almost 2 million cyclists in our country? That's why We have decided to withdraw our commission over all sales of stores until April 26. We want to contribute our sand granite making our website available to all cycling stores totally free. We hope that they can recover part of sales that are losing through our online channel. We are aware that bicycles are not essential products, but today more than ever we feel the responsibility of support small local cycling stores so that they can get ahead. Our online sales service is still operational in the different countries where we are present: Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. We have taken all the security measures established by the World Health Organization and by governments to protect our workers and clients. All office employees work from home. The transport agencies with which we work have applied non -contact delivery protocols and the hygiene and treatment treatment measures have been extreme. >> Go to Tuvalum
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