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Can a cycling helmet become a work of art?

Can a cycling helmet become a work of art?

The MoMA in New York is one of the most important art museums in the world where avant -garde works are exhibited. In his store one would expect to find replicas of paintings, keychains of sculptures, books on art history or design pieces. But and if you will find a cycling helmet? Those responsible for selecting the material that is put on sale at the MoMa store have decided to include in their catalogs the helmets Closca Fuga. It is a folding helmet for urban cycling designed by a Valencian company that has been sold in the store of the prestigious New York museum for a few weeks.Closca leak Black “Our goal is to create intelligent, functional and stylish products. Products that excite our customers, "say their creators, who have seen how their helmet has gone from bicycle stores to museums after having won several design awards. Closca leak is a helmet formed by three rings of variable size united with each other, so that it can be folded and deployed. In this way it can be stored in a backpack or bag when it is not going to be used. It is not a competition helmet, but its design functionality makes it very attractive to urban cyclists who usually travel by bicycle to go to work. In addition to its website and in specialized cycling stores, now this helmet can also be purchased at the MMAA art store.
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