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Bikes of great background: what are they and why you should buy a

Bikes of great background: what are they and why you should buy a

In an increasingly specialized road cycling market, large background models are reference. They are mainly because of their versatility, adaptation to the average cycling and for the variety of prices and versions available. It is important to know which details differentiate you from other types of road bike, such as climbers and aerial, or what advantages can you contribute when making your routes or training. It is also good to know what models are referents in the segment, to better guide your future purchase. The Great background bicycles, whose name refers to the timed long -distance cyclist tests, originating in Italy, emerged in the late last decade, coinciding mainly with the boom of this type of mass events. https://tuvalum.com/blog/bicicletas-carretera-granfondo-escaladora-aero/ Soon the concept fell among amateur cyclists and transferred to professionalism, adopting more the term endurance (endurance). The bicycles were very successful among the most classicist profile corridors, being used in tests of a day as prestigious as the Paris-Roubaix or the Flanders tour.

How to identify a great background bicycle

It is precisely that concept, that of endurance or resistance, which defines a great background, although it is not the only one. Professional cyclists have ended up using these bicycles in cobblestones (such as the Paris-Roubaix), because the construction of their painting, geometry and components, especially tires, offer great resistance when facing stretches of irregular firm or roads in evil state. The resistance, together with comfort, could be the two basic characteristics of a great background or endurance. Let's see, part by the part, as you get them:

Reinforced and absorbent picture

To begin with, the construction of the table is based on classic tube forms, using materials that promote vibration absorption, rather than increased rigidity. Thus, in some large background bicycles with carbon box, fibers of less density are used at strategic points such as the fork or the rear triangle to mitigate that impact of potholes or other irregularities of the asphalt.
The great background bicycle is the bike of the cycatourists, especially those who want to make great mileage routes in which you have to be long hours by pedaling at a relaxed but constant pace.
Also, some great reference fund models, such as Specialized Roubaix wave Trek DomaneThey incorporate micro suspension or soft absorption systems of impacts on the front and rear axle (mini shock absorbers or elastomers). These give the picture of a certain flexibility that increase the feeling of comfort.

Balanced geometry

In the bicycles of great background the design of the picture is capital to get a comfortable and efficient bicycle at the same time. To achieve this, it is decided to manufacture a longer set between axes that increases stability, a stack or height of the highest picture (between 2 or 3 cm on average with respect to a classic or climber) and a greater height of the pipe of the pipe address. This forces the cyclist to maintain an upright posture, especially adapted for the seated pedaling.

Wide tires

The third and final point that defines a great background bicycle is that it is a bicycle that must mount quite wide tires. The fork wheel pass in the front and of the rear braces is wider (3 mm more than a climber model) to house tires at least 28 mm. But there are already many models that offer standard assemblies with 32 or even 35 mm covers. https://tuvalum.com/blog/ruedas-anchas-ciclismo-carretera/ This increase in width provides the cyclist with a plus of grip in irregular asphalt, as well as vibration absorption, which end up translating themselves into an increase in comfort when rolling.

The best and worst of a great background bicycle

With this description, it would seem that the great background or endurance It is the bicycle for everything, it is even valid for competition, which would leave more competitive profile bicycles such as climbers or aerial. But the versatility and comfort that is achieved has counterparts. The main is the weight. In some models the difference with respect to a light competition model is up to 1.5 kg more. This difference shows when rolling on the road, especially when climbing repeches or mountain ports.
Having a large background bike can be very useful if you usually leave roads with irregular or patching asphalt.
Another handicap is aerodynamics. The high and upright posture that confers a large background bicycle offers greater wind resistance, which makes the average speed of an output end up reducing. However, there are already bicycles endurance that increase the angle of the direction or have tubes of the flattest picture to be more aerodynamics.

For what type of cyclist is a great background bicycle?

The great background is a bicycle for cyclists who do not consider making road cycling to compete. It is the bike of the cycatourists, especially those who wish to make routes of great mileage in which you have to be long hours by pedaling at a relaxed but constant rhythm. On the other hand, having a large background bike can be very useful if you usually leave roads with irregular or patching asphalt. Or also if in your usual outputs there are stretches of cobblestones, cement or even gravel. At this point, the wider tires grant a plus of stability and safety to roll for them without great difficulty.

5 Bikes Grand Fund essentials

Each brand has at least one great background model in its catalog, with many assemblies and customization options. Among all of them, we highlight five that can serve you as referents:

Specialized Roubaix

Specialized Roubaix Endorsed by the successes in the professional field, especially in the classics of Pater with Peter Sagan, the Specialized Roubaix It is a reference of the great background segment. It stands out for its light carbon box with aerodynamic touches, but especially for its Future Shock front microsuspension system. This technology premiered in 2019 second generation (2.0). It is a small spring shock absorber installed inside the steering tube that allows the front train to absorb the impacts of cobblestones, potholes or other irregularities. In its new version it also includes a hydraulic cartridge with oil, which improves its sensitivity, and it is possible to adjust the rebound, as in the Mountain Bikes. As for the rear, the absorption of vibrations comes through the Pavé de Specialized wasch, capable of flexing horizontally and vertically.

Trek Domane

Trek Domane The Trek Domane It is a bicicelta that also comes from the world of competition, with purely great background geometry but aerodynamic design, inspired by the Aero Madone model. It already goes for its third generation and in the last one a new vibration absorption technology has been incorporated, the isocore. It is a set of elastomers integrated in the Bontrager carbon handlebar (included in the standard assembly) capable of absorbing up to 20% of the asphalt vibrations, according to the brand. In addition, it has ISOSPEED vibration absorption technology. It is based on the decoupling of the armchair with respect to the horizontal, which only bind by a tight bush with two screws. This simple and effective mechanism, which barely adds extra weight to the bike and keeps geometry intact, allows the tube to flex to the rhythm of the terrain impacts.

Cannondale Synapse

It is one of the integration examples between the great fund and competition concept. The carbon picture of the Cannondale Synapse It combines different types of fibers, using the most flexible at the points most exposed to impacts, such as pods, straps or fork, and the most rigid in the rest of the structure. This achieves this balance between comfort and performance. In addition, geometry is partially inspired by the competition supersix model. Thus, it allows to adopt a somewhat more coupled posture than a pure great background.

Canyon harden

Canyon hardship bike Canyon's Great Background Bike has a more classic design than the previous ones, whose geometry invites you to pedal sitting for long hours. The absorption properties of the painting are located in sheer and handlebar. The latter, the Ergocockpit, has the support of the hands of the horizontal bar slightly delayed. It is a solution that corrects the position of the arms to stay upright on the bicycle at all times. Another strong point of the Canyon harden It is its wide range of assemblies, with or without disc brakes, and economic versions with aluminum picture.

Giant Defy

Giant Defy Finally, the model must be highlighted endurance of Giant, whose compact design, especially the rear triangle, brings it closer to lighter and faster bicycles such as climbers. The Giant Defy It uses the special design curved and the handlebar (D-Fuse) to dissipate vibrations, in addition to having a carbon box with less rigid fibers than in its aerce (propel) and climber models (TCR Advanced). It also presents the Overdrive-2 conical design of its steering tube, which adds rigidity to the area to provide greater turn precision.
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