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Bicycles that purify the air to combat pollution?

Bicycles that purify the air to combat pollution?

It is well known that using the bicycle as a means of transport to move within cities is one of the most efficient ways to combat pollution. Unlike the car, the bike does not emit greenhouse gases or fill the pollution air. But what if they also served to clean the atmosphere? This is what the Dutch Daan Roosegaarde intends, which has designed a system that, coupled to the bicycle, allows to purify the air while the cyclist is pedaling. It is an initiative that is part of the project Smog Free Project, whose objective is to achieve cities free of contamination. Roosegaarde came up with this idea three years ago, when he was traveling in Beijing. He stunned when he discovered that on the working days the city is wrapped in a permanent cloud of pollution. This Dutch designer devised in a system to absorb air through a tower and purify it through a filter system. This same technology is what now wants to apply to bicycles. In China more than 1.6 million people die for breathing toxic air and more than 400 million are exposed to atmospheric pollution levels higher than those recommended by the World Health Organization. Roosegaarde expects their bicycles to help clean the air of large Chinese cities. Your system consists of a device that is attached to the bicycle handlebar. As you advance, the air enters the front and a series of filters return it purified, preventing the cyclist from breathing contaminated air.
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