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Bicycle routes: up to the Lagos de Covadonga

Bicycle routes: up to the Lagos de Covadonga

Located in full peaks in Europe, Los de Covadonga are one of the most representative symbols of Asturias. Especially when it comes to cycling and mountain ports to rise by bicycle. They are located in a dream environment and with a very hard ascension of 14km and more than 1,000 meters of accumulated unevenness that starts in Covadonga, which makes this increase become mythical and one of the referents of international cycling.

What is the climb?

The rise to the Puerto starts in the Covadonga poster, although the 5 kilometers of approximation to that point are a false plain to a slope of 2%. From the poster and for a kilometer we will go to 5% slope and we will reach the roundabout that takes us to the Lagos road. There, a 5 kilometers in shadow begins in the midst of a beautiful forest with slopes between 7% and 10%. Edu Bikineros in Lagos de Covadonga We will pass next to the canons from where we will see the basilica of Covadonga surrounded by a captivating wooded green environment. Little by little we will leave the forest and we will find the first ramps of the toughest part of this climb called "La Bajera". There are 1.5 kilometers at 12% on average with 15% peaks. Shortly after passing this hard section we take a curve to the right and from there we will observe the very hard section that we just climbed. And without time to relax, we start the second hardest part of the tour: a succession of horseshoe curves that will take us to the queen's viewpoint with slopes of 13% and 14%. From here we will only have 3 kilometers to reach Lake Enol and 4 kilometers for Lake Ercina. These kilometers exchange some light section with 8% slopes where we can enjoy (if the fog leaves us) of the best views until we crowns the port and the great Lake Enol appears. Covadonga lakes From Lake Enol there we will go down to its shore. Finally, we leave our ascension in the parking lot (as we usually turn to Spain) or we upload the last repect and planted ourselves in the other lake, Lake Ercina.

What you should consider before uploading

If you dare to make the climb to this port, which is part of the history of the cycling return to Spain, there are some details that you must take into account.

Traffic: Caution with buses

The kilometers before arriving in Covadonga and starting the climb to lakes are marked by intense traffic, especially in summer and weekends, so very careful to cross the road. In high season the climb is restricted to traffic. At this time the upload for tourists is through buses, so we will have to be careful in the close parts of the ascent and take many precautions in the curves when we go down.

That the fog does not ruin your landscape

If you want your effort to deserve, try to look for a day to do good weather, since the lakes are characterized by having a large part of the year. It would be a shame to get there and not be able to enjoy that wonderful landscape.

Los Lagos de Covadonga and the Tour of Spain

Since in 1983 Marino Lejarreta raised his arms for the first time until last year (2018) did Tibaut Pinot between the fog, 21 times he has been able to enjoy the lakes as the end of the return. And it is that in all these years it has been achieved that this increase has become one of the already mythical roads of international cycling. Although it seems that it is remaining in second place due to the appearance of colossi with impossible slopes such as Angliru, the truth is that the rise to the lakes never disappoint and remains a final stage that makes differences.

50 kilometers with visit to Don Pelayo

A simple route option to make this climb could be to leave the Roman bridge of Cangas de Onís (where there is a replica of the Cross of La Victoria, a heraldic emblem of the Principality of Asturias) and go to Covadonga on a road that does not itch more than 2%. From there we can face the climb to lakes. At the descent you can stop to take some photos in the queen's viewpoint or that of the canons (for the posture and those things) and then stop in Covadonga (name that comes from the Latin Cova Dominica, which means the cave of Our Lady ) To visit the Cueva de la Santina. This Holy Cave of Covadonga, Patroness of Asturias, is an emblematic place of Asturias and Spain, where the reconquest began. Bikineros in Los Lagos de Covadonga We can visit the statue of Pelayo and the Basilica, and from there return to Cangas de Onís. With this route we will get about 50 kilometers and 1,200 meters of accumulated slope. Upon arrival in Cangas de Onís you can round the day with a meal at home Pedro, or approach the Puente Dobra restaurant and then go to the Hoya de San Vicente to give us a dip. A round day!

Port assessment

The Lagos de Covadonga is the most beautiful rise that Asturias has along with the covered. [IRP Posts = "3437" Name = "Routes by bicycle: the climb to the port of La Cubilla in Asturias"] It is an ascension that with the developments that are currently used is incontable, but with that point of difficulty that will make it epic and with a landscape reward throughout the way. And above all, when you reach the top and meet the Cuvadonga Llagos, you will hardly forget this day.
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