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Beyond TUBELESS: Other anti -snap systems for your bicycle

Beyond TUBELESS: Other anti -snap systems for your bicycle

He TUBELESS It has become the most commonly used anti -tiller system for the bicycle, especially in the Mountain Bike, a more prone modality to this type of breakdowns.

But the options to avoid puncturing the wheel do not end with him and there are other very useful alternatives. Especially for those who do not have tires or tires TUBELESS READY, the only ones compatible with this system.

If you want to roll without worries and forget forever from the inopportune stops and repairs in the middle of the route as a result of a puncture, take note of these solutions available in the market. Some of them are very novel and are currently booming.

Antipinhazos Bands

The anti -inhazos bands have been in the market for many years and are one of the barriers for the cheapest and most simple punctures to install.

Their only problem is that they do not guarantee one hundred percent that the wheel does not click, especially with large and sharp objects, such as nails or wooden splinters.

These can cross the band and open an air leak. The lateral walls of the tire or flanks are also exposed.

The bands can be polyurethane, aramid, graphene or skin and are available for both road tires and Mountain Bike.

It must be placed at the inside of the tire, so it will have to be disassembled by one of its flanks and remove the camera to install it.

Antipinchazo cameras

air pump

There are also anti -infinite tire cameras. Its main difference with respect to conventional ones is that they incorporate a sealant liquid inside, which is capable of plugging small cuts and holes of no more than 3 mm thick.

It is an economical, effective and easy installation solution for wheels without a tire or tire TUBELESS READY.

But it also adds enough extra weight to the wheel, around 400 grams, and is not effective in the face of major punctures, such as those caused by pneumatic bursts.

It can be a good system for occasional outputs, especially if you practice Mountain Bike.


It is one of the most innovative and fastest growing anti -capital systems today. It is especially apparent with the recent commercial success of mountain electric bicycles.

The mousse It is a ring made of plastic or synthetic foam that is installed inside tires with or without camera.

This ring, in addition to avoiding air leaks by small cuts, allows you to roll with low pressures in large covers such as those used in radical MTB modalities: enduro, descent or electric bicycles.

With a mousse There is very little risk of decalcing, focuses the tire and provides more stability to the Rider, especially in drops and stretches of obstacles. Although it is a very widespread product in the Mountain Bike, there are also versions for severe tires.


There is discussion about whether the tubular can be considered as an anti -snack product, as well as a band or camera exclusively designed for this purpose.

The tubular was not born as a solution against the punctures, but as a lighter and better grip type than the traditional cover with camera.

But the special sealing features of the tubular allow the air not to be lost as quickly as that of the camera tire, also giving it characteristics of anti -infinctions.

However, a tubular is also punctured and its repair is more expensive and complicated. But with him you can be able to finish the route without the unbalanced wheel.

In addition, it is also possible to introduce the sealant liquid in it. In this video of one of the mechanics of the professional team Lotto you can see how they are mounted:

Thus, the tubular mechanics of the Jumbo professional team assemble.

Sealant liquid

If you use the classic further camera combination and do not yet tubelize your wheels (dispense with the camera), introduce sealing fluid into the camera will guarantee you routes or train outputs with hardly any risk of pricking.

It is important not to confuse this sealing liquid with the one used for the TUBELESS. Although they have similar properties, the hinge fluid for camera is less thick than that of TUBELESS.

Most manufacturers differentiate it in their product range. There are brands that sell valid sealant fluid both for TUBELESS as for camera. When choosing, it is advisable to opt for a specific liquid.

Emergency anti -infincial

puncture repair kit
It never hurts to carry a puncture repair kit on the backpack

And what happens if despite all this we have suffered a puncture in the middle of a route? Do not worry, there are also quick remedies with which you can solve the setback temporarily and allow us to replace any puncture on the march.

Repreation spray

Repair sprays contain a liquid as gel or foam that, introduced by the valve, manages to pressure the tire (up to 3 bars) temporarily.

This will allow you to finish the route without problems, although the camera or tubular is unusable for a new use. In the case of using TUBELESS You must clean the entire inside of the tire and reassemble it.


The wicks fulfill the same function as the spray, only that the wicks can plug more effectively gaps and larger holes in the tire.

It is an inherited solution from the automotive world and by bicycles it is indicated for pneumatic punctures TUBELESS.

With the help of a punch, you have to introduce a rubber wick into the slit or hole to plug it.

Once the punch is removed and leaving the wick well, the tire is inflated again to take pressure and the air with air can be finished on the wheel. Subsequently, you will have to remove the wick and fix the puncture with some patch.

Patches and dissolution

Even with one of the anti -snap systems installed on your wheels, it is always advisable to carry a box of patches and a solution boat for emergency repairs.

Neither do you forget to carry, either in a backpack, tied to the picture or under the armchair, a spare chamber and a hand pump to inflate it in case your fake solution fails.

Bicycle anti -infinance systems: advantages and inconveniences

The wide variety of anti -infincial systems for the wheels of your bike allows you to choose the most appropriate depending on the use, mode practiced or the features of the wheel. In this comparative table we collect the best and worst of each system:

Advantages Inconveniences
TUBELESS - Great anti -infinance protection
- Mark comfort (more grip)
- Incompatibility with non -specific tires and tires
- Maintenance
Bands - Price
- Easy installation
- Reusable
- Incomplete anti -infinance protection
- Weight
Anti punctures cameras - Price
- Easy installation
- Incomplete anti -infinance protection
- Weight
Mousse - Great anti -infinance protection
- March comfort
- Price
- Weight
Tubular - Customizable
- Weight
- March comfort
- Incomplete anti -infinance protection
- Price
- Weight
Sealant liquid - Great anti -infinance protection
- Easy installation
- Weight
- Maintenance
Comparative table of the different bicycle anti -infinance systems.
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