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Are you prepared to run the breakup?

Are you prepared to run the breakup?

Break legs Next May - concluded on the 6th - one of the mythical tests of the Spanish cycling calendar: the Break legs, which celebrates its sixth edition. It is a cycling march that, as the name implies, is not for anyone. It is played in the well -known Territory Museum of the Pre -Pyrenees, an area between Aragon and Navarra that travels valleys and where Zigzaguean roads rising and lowering ports. In that mountain road environment, the breakup plans to reach the 1,500 participants in the sixth edition among the four modalities that make up the march. Have you not chosen yours yet?

Rompepiernas: 190 km

The queen category is not suitable for anyone. Nothing less than a stage of 190 kilometers rising up to 8 ports and crossing valleys between Navarra and Aragon. Six of these ports have dimensions above 800 meters with more than 3,200 meters of accumulated positive unevenness. The tour does not give truce. From kilometer two the asphalt begins to steep on a narrow road to climb to the Norte Norte port. Five kilometers of soft ramps to warm your legs for what will come later: nothing less than 3 first -class ports. Towards half of the test the route is softened by chaining down to relax the legs before the final stretch: 50 kilometers in which 3 ports of third, second and first category must be uploaded and then descended to SOS of the Catholic king.

Media Rompepiernas: 140 kilometers

The same level of technical difficulty, but with a route shorter. This is the second category of the test, which, like his older sister, has the first ascent as soon as he took the exit: the climb to the port of SOS for his north face. One of the star sections of this test is the climb to the port of Mamillo. There are 5.2 kilometers with average ramps above 5% and an end that cheats. Nothing more crowning the port, the road descends just a kilometer before entering a sway of endless ups and downs with hard repeches on the Los Batzanes road. However, the toughest part is at the end of the route. Nothing will climb to Malpica de Arba the road gets uphill again to pass the cutting wall and chain 10 eternal kilometers of climb along the southern face of the port of Uncastillo.

Rompepiernas Short: 96 kilometers

For those who seek a moderate difficulty level, but within the demand to climb no less than four mountain ports -3 of which they are first category-, is the Short breakup. It is a distance and a route designed for those who start in the territory of the climb, but it must be trained to complete it. There are 96 kilometers of ups and downs that share half of the itinerary with the breakup.

Garrillas: 46 kilometers

The Garrillas The baptism test for those who first arrives at the event is considered without having the legs prepared to face the previous routes. There are 46 kilometers, but that does not mean that they are less intense. The tour has two first -class ports: the upload to SOS on the north face (6 kilometers of ramps with an average profile of 4.7%) and the rise to mocks, longer and with a higher profile (5%) .

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