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Are the mountain bicycles of 26 "really dead?

Are the mountain bicycles of 26 "really dead?

Until not so long ago, to practice mountain cycling you had to have a 26 -inch Mountain Bike. There was no other wheel measure. However, from a few years to this part, and as if it were a novel by George R.R. Martin, we are living a real storm of wheel diameters in the kingdom of mountain bicycles. 29 inches, 27.5 inches, fat bikes, Semi-Fat wheels, 29 "plus ... For some this diversity of wheel sizes expands the possibilities of enjoying this sport. For others, it is a bubble that is taking the offer to a deranging that confuses the consumer. What many have clearly clear is that it is mountain bicycles with 26 -inch wheels that are paying the broken dishes. More and more cyclists are passed at 27.5 "and 29", so that the value of 26 "bicycles in the second -hand market has been considerably devalued. But and if, precisely for that reason, now is the ideal time to buy a 26 "bicycle?

Reasons to bet on the 26 "

Just two years ago we would say that the market had issued a sentence, and that 26 "bicycles were committed to disappearing. This has made many users who wanted to avoid being outdated, have chosen to sell their MTB of 26" to buy new ones with Greater wheel diameter. One of the consequences that this phenomenon has brought is that the second -hand market has been filled with 26 -inch bicycles at a price well below its real value. That is why it is easier to find a bargain. For example, in the second -hand market you can get 26 -inch carbon mountain bicycles at the same price that aluminum costs recently. In addition, it is possible double suspension as with Rigid suspension. And above all, the greatest argument in favor of buying a 26 "mountain bicycle today that these bicycles continue to work perfectly. There is no electronic chip or hidden and secret internal mechanism that makes it a measure that is a measure that is a measure that is a measure that They are not fashionable from one moment to another, or that they will fall into pieces. They are the same bicycles with which we dreamed less than five years ago, in perfect condition, and ready to continue providing hours and hours of fun by forest tracks, by trialeras routes and for technical climbs and descents.
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