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6 bicycles made history in the cinema

6 bicycles made history in the cinema

Bicycle in the street The delorean in which Marty McFly and Doc traveled in time or The Batmóvil in which the bat man persecuted the Joker are two of the many icons that the car has given to the cinema. The kawasaki lucia Tom Cruise in Top Gun or the Harley Davidson that mounted Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 Nor were they staying in the idealization of motorcycles. But what about bicycles? What films have you known to better capture everything we are passionate about? What titles made us almost escaped a tear when the protagonist began to pedals? We show you what our favorites are.

1. E.T. The alien (Steven Spielberg, 1982)

For a whole generation of children grown in the 70s and 80s, E.T. It was a before and after in his sentimental education. Impossible not to remember the flight, trimmed on the moon, of Elliot with his friends. The bicycle turned into a metaphor for child freedom against adult obligations and a song to the freedom of imagination. Who else, who less, reconóte it, has also wanted his bicycle to fly.

2. Bicycle thief (Vittorio de Sica, 1948)

Impossible not to get excited with this Italian neo -Re -cinema classic in which a father and son try to manage them in the raw postwar post -war. If you have ever stolen your bicycle you will have a very approximate idea of ​​what Antonio feels when they subtract what has become his way of life. Do not fear, we have not told you any Spoiler. The tape develops all its footage in the attempt to recover it. They say that, for many years, it was the film that made the millionaires and tanned Hollywood producers cry. The bicycle boy

3. The bicycle boy (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, 2011)

The relationship between a father and his son is also in the center of this Belgian feature film, which in 2011 won the jury's grand prize at the Cannes Festival. The spectator accompanies this child in his bicycle walks that finds his salvation table in a female figure. Feeling, that not sentimentalism or cursilería, is what this feature film has that it was not easy .

4. No brakes (David Koepp, 2012)

Can you imagine pedaling every fuse through the streets of New York, dodging taxis and fire trucks? It is what the protagonist of this thrilling tape does, a dealer accustomed to playing the whole for the whole in each delivery, which includes skids, jumps and All kinds of skills with your bicycle. But everything is complicated when receiving a very special assignment. Impossible to get bored in A movie that could well be the Fast & Furious of cycling. Adrenaline in its purest form, although the poster of "Do not do at home" should be hung.

5. Bicycles are for summer (Jaime Chávarri, 1984)

The first Spanish film that we include in the list has a title that many use in our country as a phrase made when the good weather arrives and they will look for the bike to the storage room. Gabino Diego, in the skin of a teenager who has suspended the course, wants with all his strength that his father, despite everything, bought a bicycle. A portrait of adolescence and family life in the context of the Spanish Civil War full of round characters and in an excellent atmosphere. Do not look in this movie competition bicycles, not even a race, the shots are not going there. Rather, prepare yourself to discover how a family managed during the Spanish postwar period and how a bicycle can symbolize childhood and adolescence.

6. American Flyers. The career of life. (John Badham, 1985)

A very young Kevin Costner stars in this overcoming tape in which two brothers prepare to compete in a race that is played in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The bad news is that one of them has a brain disease that wreaks havoc before in his family. Vital and emotional, this movie has all the taste of cinema without complexes that was made in the 80s and many, many pedaling that will enjoy the passionate of the two wheels sport. These are just some of the many films where bicycles are great protagonists. The bicivolers, Quicksilver, the quick track of the success’, The flying Scottish, Cyclomania, The green bicycle They are innumerable times when cinema has moved us in the armchair with a bicycle as the protagonist. What is your favorite movie bike?
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