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10 mountain bikes with excellent value for money

10 mountain bikes with excellent value for money

Would you like to discover the best mountain bicycles of the moment? Or something, even more practical: what if we review the MTB bikes with better quality-price on the market? Well, we have two news to give you; A bad and a good one. The bad is that today there are so many models that any list leaves out copies of a lot of merit. The good is that today is easier than ever to find the machine that best suits your needs. Reviewing some of the most celebrated, we propose a list of 10 bicycles that, in our opinion, you should contemplate if you are looking for a good machine with an excellent value for money. We have contemplated any type of bicycle, both double suspension and rigid; The same in carbon as in aluminum. [IRP posts = "8917" name = "five electric mtbs for your desire list"] The goal is to show alternatives for cyclists with a certain resume that look for high performance models, without it being necessary to let the bank account tremble. Do not expect to find here superchollos, nor bike stroke of exorbitant price. As you will see, a good part of the bikes move in the fork of the 3,000-4,000 euros. A reasonable price to access models that, without being the top of the range, does guarantee excellent performance. Well, let's go there.


[Captation Id = "Attachment_8985" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]ORBEA OCCAM M30 LT ORBEA OCCAM M30 LT.[/caption] For the middle amateur, let's say that Occam de Orbea lives in the shadow of its XC Super Sisters. But don't fool yourself. We talk here about a top class with practically perfect performance. Mounted with Shimano XT and a 150 mm suspension (in front and behind) which means extra enjoyment when piloting. The shock absorber is designed in two pieces, which reduces mechanical complexity and the possibility of something loose. In addition, it improves rigidity and simplifies maintenance. To all this is added a more than 14.4 kg content on the scale (according to the manufacturer), which makes it the bike of the all movingin segment that you can obtain in this price range. suspension system. The result, maneuverability in any terrain, with the confidence transmitted by the brakes of four pistons. Trust to which a direction angle of just 65.5º contributes. In short, spirit Trail multiplied to the umpteenth power, already touching the enduro limits Light. Approximate price: 3,899 euros. 👉 Here you can access the ORBEA BICYTES available in Tuvalum.

Canyon Spectral 125 cf 7

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8984" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Canyon Spectral 125 cf 7 Canyon Spectral 125 cf 7.[/caption] Here a bicycle Trail Double average route (140 mm in front and 125 mm behind). The Spectral 125 CF 7 is agile and fun, perfect to enjoy technical trails. A modern geometry with relaxed angles: down with a 64º direction and a REACH longer than short. The bike is designed for the worst conditions. In this sense, to take into account the bearings with double sealed in all pivots. as well as the external seal of steel and rubber to avoid friction. The protections in the diagonal tube, pods and braces are also remarkable, in addition to various parts of foam at the input points of covers and cables. To avoid friction and crunch. La Canyon invite you to the confidence of the biker in irregular terrain and to face steep paths. Stability is a very differential feature of the bike and the management of its geometry is masterful. In this sense, the anchoring point of the shock absorber has two possible ends, which allows to modify by 0.5º the steering angles and armchair tube, and in 8 mm the height of the pedalier axis in 8 mm. Approximate price: 3,499 euros. 👉 Here you can access the Canyon mountain bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Megamo Track 10

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8988" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Megamo Track 10 Megamo Track 10.[/caption] The brand of Girona aúna simplicity and effectiveness like no other. A result of this combination is the track 10, a great XC bicycle renewed by 2023 and of competitive spirit. In fact, the competition was always the reason for being Megamo. A striking aesthetic machine and angular lines, which provide a brutal personality. The bike comes with SMR SX Eagle (12 speeds) and mounts 100 mm, both in a fork and in shock absorber. Specifically, Fox 32 Rhythm in front and a Fox DPS Performance Elite behind. The correct performance in both cases is guaranteed. The biometry of the bike is that of a relaxed XC, but with the particularity of a short 430 mm short pods, one of the most compact of this segment. The result, a rocket downstream, and not a single watt was in climb. 👉 Here you can access the Megamo Track bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Focus Jam 8.8

[CAPTION ID = "Attachment_8995" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Focus Jam 8.9 Focus Jam 8.9.[/caption] It is not the cheapest bike on the list, but few carbon models can give you so much in this price range. The JAM 8.9 is the carbon evolution of the supexitous trail bike in aluminum that Focus launched into the market in 2021, the JAM 6. The result, one of the best options if you are looking for a full suspension capable of keeping the pulse of the greats of the greats of the segment. The bike is conceived for aggressive piloting, even in the worst conditions. On the march, the bike is perceived very stable and unfolds gently. With the appropriate previous (and necessary) adjustment, the Fox Flaat X shock absorber behaves wonderfully. The Shimano XT group is precise and reliable, highlighting its four -piston brakes. The traction level is outstanding, an aspect in which the flexion of the painting plays a determining role. If we talk about geometry, let's say the JAM has given in the nail. In this sense, we must talk about Flip-chip of the shock absorber, which allows you to adjust and slightly modify the behavior of the focus. The bike comes with 150 mm, both in front and behind. Cable routing is elegant and the picture offers a practical internal storage module in the lower tube; A practical compartment at hand with space for an air chamber, a multi -tool or some food. The result, one of the best double suspension bikes in the market at a contained price. Approximate price: 4,799 euros. 👉 Here you can access the Focus Jam bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Specialized Status 160

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8986" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Specialized Status 160 Specialized Status 160.[/caption] It is interesting to verify how a brand associated with a high price is able to offer an affordable bicycle that can be squeezed to the limit without this implying a mess for the pocket. Five box sizes, mixed wheels, two geometry settings and 160 mm travel. The status meets all the requirements to be the perfect bike in its value for money. One of the best MTB created in recent times, although it does not have the S-Works Driving of the Californian firm. Status is a crusher 160 mm mounted with SRAM NX EAGLE group. The fact of having wheels of different size (mUllet) It allows a supercorted pod length of just 425 mm. It is one of the reasons that piloting is even more fun. Also very remarkable also the power in the braking. Sam code R brakes with four -piston tweezers are combined with 200 mm records, which guarantees a bite spectacular. Approximate price: 3,700 euros. 👉 Here you can access the Specialized MTB bicycles available in Tuvalum.

BH Lynx Race Carbon Rc 6.0

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8989" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]BH Lynx Race Carbon Rc 6.0 BH LYNX RACE CARBON RC 6.0.[/caption] An XC XC of 100 or 120 mm travel and affordable competition for all pockets. A carbon, versatile model that transmits a bass safety plus. Visually, the painting is identical to that of his older sister, the BH Lynx Race Evo, one of the fashion bikes, driven by David Valero's successes to the command. The difference lies in the weight (1,850 grams compared to the 2,200 grams of the bike that concerns us). As for behavior, stiffness is one of the strengths, propitiated by an oversized axis at the main turn point of the rear suspension. If you are a medium technique cyclist, this Lynx will make you a biker a bit better. For the rest, a good picture, good geometry, good suspensions, good brakes ... The BH has almost everything to go a little further in your aspirations as a cyclist. Short 430 mm pods allow agility both up and down, and their effective anti -quat allow a linear march and are contamination. Approximate price: 3,299 euros. 👉 Here you can access the bhh lynx race bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Giant trance x 29 1

[CAPTION ID = "Attachment_8991" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Giant trance x 29 1 Giant Trance x 29 1.[/caption] The Giant Trance is one of the reference trail bicycles and exhibits a rigid and robust chassis. In its aggressive geometry, it is one of the most glued to the ground of its segment. A low center of gravity that transmits security on the march. In this case, the aluminum picture allows a tight final price, but shares the same geometry of its carbon sisters. A bike equipped with Fox suspension and Shimano SLX transmission. The Giant presumes the Fox Live Valve electronic suspension system, so you can forget the settings and dedicate yourself to enjoy the route. A technologically advanced bike and with a good handful of carbon pieces that, however, have a price 5,000 euros less than the range of range. The bike comes with Flip-chip, which allows modifying the angles of the direction tube, the armchair tube and the height of the pedalier axis. In this way, it is possible to customize the pilot to some extent. A playful bike with which you will not stop smiling. Approximate price: 3,699 euros. 👉 Here you can access the Giant trance bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Berria Mako Dc 6

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8992" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Berria Mako Dc 6 Berria Mako Dc 6.[/caption] A carbon model that perfectly symbolizes the concept Down Country and that stands out for its agility and reactivity: that feeling of immediate response in each pedaling. Especially at low speeds. To this contributes the geometry and rigidity of the painting, this being one of the great virtues of the bike. It is an aesthetically irreproachable bike full of details. The internal wiring contributes to the cleaning of the set. On the other hand, the so-called AMS system (anti-mud system) is a solution against mud accumulation in the wheel area: greater space between the two and tubes with specific design so that this accumulation is minimal, thus improving the pilot. The so -called Berria suspension system stands out for its absorption capacity. You will feel the linear cushioning in much of the route (105 mm) and regressive in the last section, thus contributing to the comfort comfort and the transmission of trust. In case of necessity, the blockage will behave masterfully, by the way. 👉 Here you can access the Berria Mako bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Orbea Alma M11 ax

[Caption id = "Attachment_9001" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Orbea Alma M11 ax Orbea Alma M11 ax.[/caption] Competition and technology. They are two of the keys to one of the most acclaimed rigid bikes in the market that is planted at 4,000 euros. What to say about soul. Possibly, one of the bikes with which you get everything that the brand promises, and even more. This attests to the quality of its assembly. The bike comes with a Fox 32 Float SC Performance fork of 100 mm travel. We talk about an institution in the CX panorama, with hardly equal benefits. The change is wireless and a whole precision guarantee. In fact, it shares specifications with other groups more Premium. SRAM GX1 EAGLE AX is synonymous with precision, ergonomics and resistance. For the rest, a bike that guarantees a fissure yield. More stylized straps than in previous versions of this model absorb part of the vibrations, while the flexion capacity of the OMR carbon contributes to a soft flow in rapid circuits. Approximate price: 3,999 euros. 👉 Here you can access the Bicycles orbea Alma available in Tuvalum.

Cannondale scalpel ht carbon 3

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8983" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cannondale Scalpel ht Cannondale Scalpel ht.[/caption] And finally, another rigid that deserves a presence in this list. With its carbon chassis and its modern geometry, Cannondale Scalpel HT is one of the XC bikes with better market management. A precision machine mounted with Shimano SLX, a group not excessively light but 100% reliable, and a 100 mm rockshox rockshox fork. Geometry is admirable. For each size it offers specific pods, something uncommon. This allows biker Adopt a more focused position on the bike and thus take advantage of the pedaling. Combined with a closed steering angle and a generous handlebar, the HT scalpel offers an excellent weight distribution. The result, a calm behavior in difficult lands. While other Rigid XC bicycles tend to feel nervous in technical descents, the HT scalpel is competent and capable. A rigid bicycle with a vision of the future. Only a telescopic shell and series tires with more ball would make it an almost perfect machine. Approximate price: 3,499 euros. 👉 Here you can access the Cannondale Scalpel bicycles available in Tuvalum.
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