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Alejandro Valverde, the best 'classic' corridor in the history of Spanish cycling

Alejandro Valverde, the best 'classic' corridor in the history of Spanish cycling

Alejandro Valverde has never won a Tour de France. Nor a turn of Italy. He has no medal at the Olympic Games and has only won the cycling return to Spain. Attending to his record in the great quotes in stages his results are discreet in relation to other great figures of the road cycling. However, expanding the focus of his career, statistics point to Alejandro Valverde as the best athlete in the history of Spanish cycling in the great classic. The last one pointed out last weekend with his victory in the Lieja-Bastogne-Lieja, the oldest of the five tests cataloged as "Cycling Monuments", next to the Milan San Remo, The Tour de Flandes, La Paris -Roubaix and the Lombardy turn. Alejandro Valverde   Alejandro Valverde is not a cyclist of big laps in stages, although in 2009 he won the Cyclist return to Spain, which has risen to the podium six times. But when it comes to pedaling in the classics, it emerges as one of the greatest referents worldwide, as confirmed in the latest edition of the Liege-Bastogne-Lieja, which has won 3 times (2006, 2008 and 2015). At 35 years Valverde is probably the corridor of classic more complete in the history of Spanish cycling. In addition to the three Lieja-Bastogne-Lieja, it has three arrow -valone (2006, 2014 and 2015), two Dauphié-Libéré (2008 and 2009), two other classic San Sebastián (2008 and 2014), a Paris-Camembert ( 2008) and a maximum Rome (2014). In addition, it has six medals in the World Cycling Championship on the route (2 silver and four bronzes). Alejandro Valverde is the Spanish cyclist with more podiums in the Monuments of cYoClism, accumulates 10 victories and 38 podiums in large tests of one day, a Spanish cycling championship and another of counterreloj. He has not yet managed to go to the podium on the Tour de France, the last great challenge that resists him, but despite this, his long and successful career as a specialist in great classic One day he places him as one of the most complete cyclists in Spain.
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