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Guarantee and returns

Our return policy is very simple: all vendors must indicate the aesthetical, structural and/or mechanical wears of the used products they sell at Tuvalum. That’s how we make sure that you know the real condition of the item you buy. If the product you receive has serious damages that weren’t specified in the ad, or if it’s different from the posted product, we will fully refund your money, ALWAYS. But don’t worry, our incidence rate is below 3% and in most cases the problem is that the sellers forgot to include some product accessories.

First of all, you need to know this:

Remember that in most cases, these are second-hand products that had a previous use. Therefore, some minor usage marks that don’t affect the structure, mechanic and security of the product will not be taken into account as complaint reason, unless the ad indicated that the product was new.

Tuvalum is not responsible for the wrong assembly performed by the buyer. Some components like cranksets, seatposts, bottom brackets, etc. are likely to get rubbed or worn down if they are not carefully assembled with the proper tools. If you have any questions about how to adjust the bicycle or the components you have bought at Tuvalum, we can recommend you a reliable garage near you so that they can assemble it.

Don’t forget that our guarantee and returns system is made to protect you against damages or faults that make it impossible to use the product correctly and were not reported by the seller. For instance, a frame fissure, a broken tooth in a chainring, a scratched carbon seatpost, etc. are reasons for return. A minor scratch of 2 centimetres on the paint of a stem that’s barely noticeable is no reason for return.

How does the return process work?

Once you’ve received the product, if you consider that it doesn’t look like in the ad, you have 48 hours to open an incidence. We consider that this is a fairly reasonable period for you to check that the item you bought is in the expected conditions.

Send us an email to incidencias@tuvalum.com with the following information:

1- Order number
2- Product you have bought
3- Reason for the complaint
4- If there are aesthetical defects, you need to upload well-focused pictures with natural lighting

How long does it take to solve the incidence?

Tuvalum Team will analyse in depth your situation and they will contact you. We usually do it the same day but sometimes we may take up to 3 days (please note that the incidence team is available from Monday to Friday).

How does Tuvalum return the money to the buyers?

Once your complaint has been accepted, we will fully refund your money at your bank account and we will manage the collection of the product in order to send it back to the seller.

Bicycle returns

Bicycles have a guarantee system that has never been seen before in the second-hand sector. All the bicycles pass a quality test and they are checked before being sent to the buyer. A professional mechanic performs this test and follows a strict procedure in order to verify that the bicycle is in the same conditions as the seller described in the ad and that everything works as expected. (Learn more)

Despite everything, if you think that the bicycle you’ve bought at Tuvalum has serious defects, damages or wears that were not indicated in the ad, or if you consider that the garage has not performed the work properly, you can open an incidence within 48 hours after having received the bicycle by sending an email to incidencias@tuvalum.com

To learn more about the returns and incidences process, please read our Terms of use

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