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Size guide

Calculate your bicycle size

*The value has to be between 130 and 230 centimetres
*Specify your height in centimetres (e.g.: 175)
*The value has to be between 65 and 90 centimetres
*Specify your crotch height in centimetres (e.g.: 84)
We recommend you these sizes


This result is only a suggestion – if you want a more specific fitting, we advise you to reach out to experts who can conduct a biomechanical study.

Choosing the right bike size is as important as choosing the right shoes. Using a bigger or smaller size than yours will make you feel uncomfortable and, in some cases, it will force an unnatural position that could cause injuries.

Not all brands use the same criteria. For this reason, one of the most common issues when buying a bicycle (either road, mountain or triathlon) is knowing the correct size. Some manufacturers indicate the bicycle size with letters, following the same system used for clothes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXXL. But most of them use numbers.

The bicycle size is determined by the length of the frame’s vertical tube, which connects the bottom bracket with the seatpost. In the case of mountain bikes, this is normally indicated in inches, while in road and time trial bikes it is indicated in centimetres.

Size correspondence

Generic sizeSize in centimetresSize in inches


How to calculate your correct bicycle size

If you want to know the bicycle size that fits you best, you have to know your crotch height. Stand up barefoot, with your legs straight, and measure the distance between the floor and the groin in centimetres.

If you want to calculate the size for a mountain bike: multiply your crotch height by 0.21.

If you want to calculate the size for a road bike: multiply your crotch height by 0.65.

The crotch height is the best indicator to calculate the correct bicycle size for most people. But don’t forget that this result is just a guidance, as the relation between the length of the legs and the torso can vary across different people, as well as the forearm length. If you want a more specific fitting, we advise you to reach out to experts who can conduct a biomechanical study for you.

Your bicycle size according your crotch height
Leg length (in centimetres)Road bicycle sizeMountain bicycle size

How to choose the bicycle size if the result you get is in between two

Sometimes, when calculating the size the result you get may be between two sizes. For example: 53,4 cm or 17,6”. In these cases, there are two criteria in order to choose the correct size.

Biomechanical criterion – measure your size (the length from the end of one hand to the end of the other hand with the arms outstretched in the form of a cross). If the result is higher than your height, choose a bigger size. In the previous example, the size 54 or 18”. If the result is greater than your height, choose a smaller bicycle size.

Type of use criterion – if the calculated number is in between two sizes, choose the smallest if you’re going compete with the bicycle or you’re going to use it only for sport purposes. Choose the biggest size if you’re going to ride it at a smooth pace or on tracks, where comfort has priority over speed.

What if I don’t have a measuring tape?

If you don’t have a measuring tape to determine your leg length, you can have a rough idea of the recommended bicycle size for you depending on your height. But remember that it is not an exact calculation, since two people of the same height can have different leg and/or forearm length.

Your bicycle size according your height
HeightRoad bicycle sizeMountain bicycle size
From 1,55 a 1,6047-48-4914-15
From 1,60 a 1,6549-50-5115-16
From 1,65 a 1,7051-52-5316-17
From 1,70 a 1,7553-54-5517-18
From 1,75 a 1,8055-56-5718-19
From 1,80 a 1,8557-58-5919-20
From 1,85 a 1,9059-60-6120-21

Triathlon bikes sizes

In time trial bikes, the frame geometry is different and the position on the bicycle changes in comparison with a road bike. It may be advisable to choose a frame size between 2 and 4 centimetres less than the one that corresponds to your height and leg length. For example, if your size calculation is 54, choose size 52.

Do you still have questions regarding your size?

At Tuvalum, we can inform you about the indicated bicycle size for the majority of the population according to some basic data. If you want an exact fitting, we advise you to conduct a biomechanical study.

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