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Your challenges

Your challenges

Have you marked a sports challenge that you want to overcome in 2015? If you are related to cycling, triathlon, mountain bike or background sports, tell us and join the Tuvalum community. We look for athletes with eagerness to overcome. It is not necessary to be a great challenge on the other side of the world. Just want to get up from the couch and make your first 5K. Become a Tuvalumer and join them! Tell us your sports challenge by email to team@tuvalum.com, through Twitter with the hashtag #tusretos or by whatsapp to the number 650608596. (Click on the images if you want to know what your sporting challenges are) [Gallery Size = "Medium" Columns = "4" Ids = "200,201,202,205,219,235,237,244,252,257,268,270,272,284,286" Orderby = "Rand"]  
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