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XVI hot to return to Moncayo 2017, by bike, walking or on horseback

XVI hot to return to Moncayo 2017, by bike, walking or on horseback

The heat It is already a classic test. His name is due to the fact that part of the small municipality of Calena. From there, the first weekend of each month of August (this year on 4 and 5) a Non -competitive walk of no less than 104 kilometers, which this year reaches its XV edition. The test can be faced in MTB, but also walking or on the back of a horse. The route turns the Moncayo, the characteristic mountain of this area. What is now a sports test, before was an obligation. What is intended now is to recreate those times. In addition, this march serves to publicize the potential of a region that in recent years has been markedly depopulated. This area of ​​Aragon has been practically forgotten, and has many incentives to offer. Besides of Main route of 104 kilometers (with 2,422 meters of accumulated positive slope and very high difficulty), there are also other more affordable distances, 68 (1,409 meters of unevenness and categorized as difficult), 31 (1,280 m. - moderate) and 16 kilometers (620 m. - Easy). All circulate the Moncayo Natural Park, touring the GR-260, between Soria and Zaragoza. Tuvalum will be present in the test. First, in the runner's bag, in which the participants in the event will find discounts to acquire cycling material on the web. In addition, we raffle two packs of 2 inscriptions, so you can take the exit next to the friend you choose. To participate in the draw Click here.
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