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When should I change bicycle?

When should I change bicycle?

cyclist In Spain they are sold More than one million bicycles new every year. To this figure you have to add those that change hands in the used bicycle market. Buying a bicycle is one of the most important investments in the life of a cyclist. The risk of making mistakes in the choice is high. And not only for the economic cost that entails. Also for everything that means deciding which bicycle is the most appropriate for you: compare models, read opinions, visit stores, know the right size ... [IRP posts = "87" name = "How to choose the correct bicycle size"] And, of course, for the time we are going to use it. A bicycle are not sunglasses that you can replace the following month if you don't like or do not look good. A bicycle will be used practically every weekend for the next two years. As important as acquiring a bicycle is to know when the time has come to change it. The type of use you make with it, the kilometers made, the requirement of routes or weather conditions are factors that directly affect the state of the bicycle. grease the bicycle The maintenance and care you receive is also important. A bicycle that has been reviewed promptly, has been replaced the consumables of transmission and brake before reaching the end of its useful life and has been carefully washed and greased at the end of each exit, will have a longer life. [IRP Posts = "2702" Name = "Five errors in the maintenance of your bicycle that can cost you expensive"] The combination of all these factors - maintenance, type of use, weather, kilometers, etc. - makes it difficult to establish exactly when you should change bicycle. However, there are some indicators that can give you a clue that your current bicycle can no longer offer you and the time has come to change it.

Repairs exceed the bicycle market value

The same thing happens with cars with the bicycles. At the time you buy it begins to devalue. Depending on the type of bicycle, the brand and the components you carry can lose between 15% and 30% of its value every year. To this we must also add wear, use and maintenance. Bicycle mechanic There comes a time when the resale price of a bicycle in the second -hand market is below 50% of its original price. This usually happens after 3 or 5 years of use, although in some cases it can happen before. Being clear about the bicycle value at all times is important. The more time and use your bike has, the more money you need to invest in maintenance, repairs and parts replacement. There comes a time when the main transmission components (piñonera, plates, etc.), the suspension (shock absorbers and fork), brake discs or tires must be replaced. Calculate the money that this operations suppose a year. If the cost is greater than 50% of the value of the bicycle or its current market value, the time has come to change it.

The components have been outdated

Bicycles not only lose value due to the passage of time and wear caused by use. They also do it for their geometry and the equipment that they carry. The great manufacturers update their bicycle ranges practically every year, focusing on two aspects: on the one hand the design of the paintings, with new angles and geometries to adapt them to the guidelines and trends of use. On the other, the type of components. Shimano Cassette XTTE For example, a few years ago most market bicycles had a Racing type geometry. Little by little they have diversified in great background, aer, climbers, etc. In the Mountain Bike segment something similar happened when the tires of 29 "arrived on the market. A mountain bike with 26" "was outdated for the practice of Cross Country. [IRP Posts = "671" Name = "Welcome to the world of semi-Fat Bikes; so are the wheels 27.5 plus"] And not only the market evolves. So do your level of use. For example, perhaps two years ago it was enough with a 10V change and, nevertheless, your pedaling cadence needs a broader development with an 11V cassette. Mountain Bike by the forest If when you go out with your route friends you are left behind for not carrying the same level of equipment, or notes as the change, the wheels or any other element is short of you, it would be time to replace your bicycle. [IRP Posts = "2979" name = "This is the new Shimano XTR 12V group for mountain cycling"]

You prefer comfort at speed

One of the main reasons why many cyclists change bicycle has to do with the ergonomics and position of the body by pedaling with it. It happens especially with those who have been practicing cycling for years, both route and mountain. There comes a time when you stop assessing how reactive a bicycle, its aerodynamics or the speed with which pedaling power is transmitted. And you begin to assess that your back does not hurt, that your hands do not sleep on the handlebar or that the irregularities of the terrain do not make you go uncomfortable. [IRP posts = "1021" name = "Do I buy an aluminum bike or a carbon bike?"] If with your rigid BTT you finish each route with back pain, maybe the time has come to change it for a double suspension.

You need another bike typology

Sometimes we buy a bicycle for a certain use, but we end up fond of another type of modality. The reason why there are different frame geometries in the market is because not all bicycles serve the same. Even within the same category, such as Mountain Bike, an enduro bicycle is not the same as one of cross country. [IRP posts = "743" name = "trail, descent, xc, enduro ... everything you need to know about the 4 basic modalities of Mountain Bike"] If you bought an XC bicycle to participate in marches and flat profile routes, but you have taken pleasure for technical descents by trails and trialeras routes, you will not take the same game. Mountain Bike View The bikes indicated for a certain modality, such as Cross country, have a frame geometry, a type of suspensions and a wheel format very different from those designed for the enduro or the All Mountain. The maneuverability, agility and driving that requires a modality has nothing to do with another. And, as the requirements are different, the bicycle you need will also be different. If the time has come to change, you will want Get the best sale price of your bicycle. The money you get will help you invest in your new bicycle in Tuvalum.
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