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What science says about running: rejuvenates and reduces the risk of depression

What science says about running: rejuvenates and reduces the risk of depression

It has always been said that sport is health. Now science, in addition, corroborates it. Going to run, even at age 60 or 70, rejuvenates and reduces the risk of depression. It is confirmed by two recent scientific studies that support the advantages of doing sports and, more specifically, to practice Running. "Running delays aging and keeps you young," concludes one of the works published in the magazine Plos One. The team that has carried out the study has been responsible for analyzing energy consumption during a continuous career session in 60 and 70 year old people. The conclusion is that, at that age, Those who have been practicing running throughout life have greater energy efficiency that in some cases is comparable to that of a 20 -year -old. PHYSICAL EXERCISE Regular and continued over the years delays aging, lengthens life and prevents cardiovascular diseases. But it is also a tool to prevent depressions. The latter confirms it A study that includes research and science magazine, according to which moderate physical exercise "can protect from the beginning of a depressive process, help during the recovery process or avoid a relapse." The key seems to be in an enzyme that is concentrated in the muscles and that is responsible for the nervous system not to suffer the changes that occur when a person enters depression. The researchers showed that those who practice sports have a greater concentration of these enzymes in their muscles. These two scientific studies corroborate the saying that "sport is health", and show that A continuous sports practice over the years, such as going out regularly, can save millions of euros to public health systems in treatments linked to aging and insiolithic.
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