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What insurance do you need to organize an MTB test?

What insurance do you need to organize an MTB test?

Organize Mountain Bike entails numerous efforts. You must prepare a budget, obtain sponsors, publicize the event so that others Bikers They are registered and obtain the necessary permits by the administrations. But, if there is an aspect that usually worries especially to those who want to launch a competition of these characteristics, it is that of insurance. The lack of specific information and the Huge variety of policies that can be found in the market makes, for many, become a swampy land. Almost as much as an muddy trialera through which it is difficult to advance. That is why we want to help you clarify the panorama of Insurance required to launch a MTB race. Remember that, in the case of an accident or an injury during the test, if the participant resorts to the Social Security, it will be asked how the damage has occurred, and It will be the organizer who assumes the disbursement of assistance. sure There are two insurance that you must hire in a mandatory way to celebrate any test or march of Mountain Bike.

Liability insurance

It covers the economic damage caused to third parties or material objects on the occasion of the celebration of the race. With this insurance, in addition, You will be covered in the event that you have employees in the organization and they suffer a work accident. In addition, civil liability insurance takes over in the event that any of the supplies offered to participants cause personal or material damage. For example, that the supply food causes some poisoning. Civil liability insurance also cover defense expenses in the event that they were necessary, such as law fees, as well as expert costs or bonds if for any reason you receive a complaint. Mountain Bike

Accident insurance

As the name suggests, covers the health care of the participants in the test If necessary, as well as the disability derived from the activity or death. That is, if one of the participants dies during the test - hopefully this end never happens - or is invalid due to an accident, this insurance covers you in the face of any responsibility. You never organize a test of Mountain Bike Without hiring insurance. There are two real decrees that force the hiring of insurance in sporting events. This is Royal Decree 849/1993, of June 4 and Royal Decree 1428/2003 of November 21, which affects popular or professional competitions that are developed on public roads.
The price of insurance depends on several factors, such as the number of participants, the type of test to be celebrated or the season of the year.
The law also specifies that when the registration of the participants in the test is formalized, Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, on data protection must be considered. That is You have to inform the participants about the use that you are going to make of the data you ask when registered, such as the name, the phone or the email. Mountain Bike in Group Sometimes, although it is neither mandatory nor very common, the two insurance cited are complemented by the Safe against damage. With it, the expenses derived from patrimonial damage, the deterioration of objects are covered or, even the frustration of expected expectations, the known as IDFEATING. It is especially indicated if there is a risk of robbery or climatic circumstances such as floods or fires.

Three tips before hiring insurance

Before hiring insurance, we recommend that you follow the following tips. Thus you will save money and anticipate any incidence before it occurs.

1. Visit several companies

Although it seems obvious, it is advisable to request a budget from several insurance companies and consult in them all the doubts you have. Some have specific discounts and offers. Go to recognized companies and Ask if they have specific insurance for sports tests, since the proliferation of popular competitions is making insurance companies launch products adapted to them. A good idea is to go with a list of doubts to meet the insurer. When you have all the information and know the price, visit at least another company or two to compare coverage, policies and, of course, the cost. biker

2- Inform your team

Once the insurance is hired, Make sure everyone in the Organizing Committee is aware of their coverage. The day of the race will take care of many things at the same time and, in the event that an accident occurs, any of you will know what are the steps to follow and can be transmitted to the affected.

3- Includes insurance in the budget item

A common mistake is to create a budget with the income that is expected to be obtained and the expenses that are expected to be incurred ... leaving behind the cost of insurance. This causes last -moment concerns and that, perhaps, we have to cut the economic assignments that in principle were planned for other items. At this point the big question arises: How much money does it cost to hire this type of insurance? The cost depends on many factors. In fact, neither the insurance companies themselves offer information clearly until you ask the details of the event you want to ensure. But, generally, They usually have a cost that ranges between € 100 and € 350. AVITUALLATION The difference in the price depends, above all, on the clauses that are wanted to hire. But also how many participants are planned and the route to be done. Even from the season of the year or the day of the week that is chosen, which is usually Saturdays or Sundays. The province also influences where the test and the type of tour is held -if it is more or less dangerous. The fork is very wide, but the obligation to hire these insurance should not be neglected.
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