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Training plan to start in triathlon

Training plan to start in triathlon

If you have been interested in the title of this article, it is because, surely, you are thinking of starting in the practice of triathlon. It is a sport that grows year after year and that has more and more practitioners. Since it is a modality that combines three different disciplines (swimming, cycling and athletics), It is normal for many of the people who want to start in the triathlon do not know where to start And they feel a bit lost. Ideally, you have a personal triathlon coach. But while you find it, here are a basic exercise guide and a training plan to face your first test with guarantees.

How to train the swimming segment

If you are not a great swimmer and doubts that your technique is correct, It is recommended that you notice swimming classes. In many municipal pools both learning and technical improvement classes are offered. It will be cheaper even than to swim on your own. In addition, you will improve much more, since The technique is fundamental in the swimming segment. Swimming against water is the worst you can do, you need to learn to strengthen inside it.
"Swing against water is the worst thing you can do, you need to learn to flow into it"
In the event that you have already practiced swimming previously, you will surely know how to perform basic training. Faced with the doubt, here are two tips:
  • Dedicates the day after the most strenuous training to practice the technique, swimming without much intensity. The most common is that this day is Monday, since the toughest training is usually done on the weekend. In this way, the session will help you to improve your swimming technique and at the same time to recover after the intense weekend sessions.
  • Use on Wednesday or Thursday to run a longer and more intensive session.

How to train the cycling segment

Take advantage of the weekend, or the days you have free, for cycling sessions in which you can perform a LOT OF VOLUME TRAINING. >>> Five simple tricks to avoid injuries when you train by bicycle >>> Four tips to avoid joint injuries when you ride a bicycle This will help you get used to effort time that lasts a triathlon test. But if you want to go there and plan these volumes and efforts, it is recommended that you have the help of a personal cycling coach.

How to train the career segment on foot

The career sector to prepare your first triathlon can be trained throughout the week, spending a short time but with a high quality and intensity training. For example, on Tuesday, after the soft swimming session on Mondays, it may be the perfect day to work the race sector with loaded batteries. A frequent error is to put aside the specific force exercises. Triathlon strength training is very important to be faster, more resistant and also to prevent injuries. >>> 13 Strength training routines for triathletes >>> "If you end up bursting after training, you haven't done it well"

How to prepare triathlon transitions

Triathlon shoes The triathlon is not only in swimming, pedaling and running. You also have to know how to chain one segment with another. For example, how to get out of the water and get on the bicycle. Or how to get off the bicycle and start running. This is what is known as transitions. Practicing transitions between disciplines is important, especially when it comes to improving times. Quick transitions can save you many seconds, and you know what it costs to improve those seconds swimming or running. >>> The risks of triathlon oversight: tibia stress fracture

Tips for transition from swimming to cycling

To practice the transition from swimming to cycling is important automate gestures. Water salts running and, before touching the bicycle, you must put the helmet and faste it (indispensable not only for safety issues, but because you will be penalized if you forget it). The transition zone is bounded by a limit from which you can get on the bicycle. Not before. Run to that line holding the bicycle through the armchair, in parallel to it. Upon reaching the line to the bike in a jump. Give the first barefoot pedaling, with your feet on the shoes and, when you are already in cycling dynamics, place your shoes while you are moving. If the latter is shocking, you must keep in mind that In triathlon you do not put your shoes before getting on the bicycle, but you must leave them placed on the pedals. Practice this gesture as many times as you need so that the day of the test comes out automatically, almost instinctive, without stopping to think what step it is to follow at every moment. So you will save a lot of time.

Tips to make cycling to career

To make the transition from cycling to career the procedure is the inverse. First, get rid of while you are still uploaded to the bicycle and give the last pedaling with your feet on the shoes. Take a jump and get off the bicycle just before the allowed line (just as there is a border that delimits when you can get on the bicycle in the first transition, there is another from which you can no longer continue on top of it in the second). Do not unbutton the helmet while you are in contact with the bicycle. First leave the bike and then remove the helmet. You can combine the two exercises to practice the two transitions at the same time following the following scheme:
  1. Run barefoot
  2. Put the helmet on
  3. Take the bicycle and run to her by holding it by the armchair
  4. Get on a jump
  5. Barefoot pedaling
  6. Put on the cycling shoes in motion
  7. Turn around
  8. Uncomfortable while you're on the bicycle
  9. Barefoot pedaling
  10. Low of the bicycle in a jump
  11. Leave the bicycle
  12. Unbutton your helmet and remove it
  13. Put on running shoes
  14. Start the race
  15. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary

Plan your training

It is important to have a planning of your training. In this way you will work the muscle groups and the segments in a balanced and optimal way. Then I leave you a table with an orientative training plan to prepare a Supersprint triathlon in four weeks. Triathlon training plan

How to face your first triathlon

Physical exercises are a fundamental part of training. But do not forget that it is also important to prepare mentally. Face your first triathlon calmly, do not embark on a long distance triathlon as the first test. You better start for a short race, like a Supersprint triathlon or a sprint triathlon. Later, when your sensations are good, you can venture at longer distances. Once your first test is finished I have bad news for you: The triathlon virus It has already bitten you, the poison is in your body and you will not be able to avoid going for the next one. Keep training and see you in the next triathlon races! Do not forget to leave your comments about this article.
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