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Tips to buy your first road bike

Tips to buy your first road bike

  Choosing road bike can be a very entertaining work if you have certain knowledge of what you can find in the market and if you are clear about what you are looking for. But what happens if neither one thing nor the other is fulfilled? You may have just arrived in this cycling. Or that I have done so much since the last time you got on a bicycle that you don't know what so many ranges and models consist of. Or, simply, do not know where to start. If this is your case, in this article we offer you some clues that will help you correctly choose the road bike that best suits you.

Great bottom vs.

Road bicycles are increasingly light, more comfortable, more aerodynamics and perfect to put yourself in shape and enjoy the road. But not all are equal. Pinello Paris One of the most frequent doubts is to buy a climbing type or a great fund. And although both can give you a good service, they do not work for the same. Depending on the type of use you are going to do, you should opt for one or the other. If you go the great pedaling by road and you are one of those who never feel lazy before the asphalt, a great background bicycle will offer you the necessary comfort to spend many hours on top of it without the back suffering in excess. In other words: the bicycles of great background are for those who seek to go comfortable on long road routes. The linking type bicycles are lighter and more rigid. They are also the most popular in the market. The reason why this denomination is received is because they seek to save the maximum weight in each component, from the material of the painting to the portabotelleros. They are indicated to roll on routes with slopes, especially to climb and descend ports. Cyclists If on a climbing bike we find short pods and a longer horizontal tube, in a large bottom the pipe is higher, the somewhat longer pods and the shortest horizontal tube. What does this mean? That on a great background bicycle with the most straight back, thus winning in comfort. In a climber the cyclist's position is more stretched. In Spain, unlike in other European countries with more flat profile, road bicycles have always been more successful with an climbing profile, designed for those who, more than many hours on the road on the flat terrain, look for strong emotions in slopes and ports. However, do not get carried away by the general trend and evaluate the areas through which you go to pedals and what will really fill your expectations. Cyclists

Two tips that you should not forget

Knowing what type of bicycle is the one that best fits with your preferences and driving style is important. But once you have determined the geometry of your bicycle (great background or climbing), you must pay special attention to the following factors:

1. Define your budget

You are not the only one who happens; House salts with an idea of ​​what you want to pay and you always spend something else. When you are looking for a bicycle and you have not previously thought about what you want to spend, it is easy to be seduced by more expensive models that really exceed benefits to the use you are going to give. Surely they will have talked about the advantages of electronic change, the comfort of having a carbon wheels or that last model that has just launched If you do not have a closed budget you are easy for vendors with few scruples and you may regret for a long time. On the other hand, if it is your first bicycle, remember that you will need basic accessories such as a helmet, gloves, clothes and some drum. A good way to get an adequate bicycle saving money is going to the second -hand market. Of course, do not fall into the dribble trap looking for the cheapest option. Keep in mind that if in 6 months you need to change to a better bicycle or, simply, you decide that you no longer want to continue practicing cyclism, you can resell it. Depending on the type of bike you choose you can amortize it better or worse when putting it on sale. Bicycle animation

2. Choose your size well

A bicycle too small or too big for your height will be very soon synonymous with immediate problems, such as back pain and joints. >>> Guide to know what your bicycle size is Choosing the correct bicycle size is a work that is sometimes complicated by the difference of scales used by the different manufacturers. What we can anticipate is that your height is a good fact to know the bicycle size, but it is not the only one. The height of your hip is equally important, or what is the same, how long or short your legs are.
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