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Tips for starting in mountain cycling

Tips for starting in mountain cycling

At first, the Mountain biking It may seem fun and challenging in equal parts. With practice, you will see how fun grows and fears disappear. Until then, we propose some recommendations to start with good footing in the MTB modality. At first, everything is unknowns. What bicycle is the best to start leaving the route without investing a lot of money? What is necessary to carry on a MTB route? What are the basic maintenance tasks of a mountain bike? Following these tips will help you avoid unnecessary headaches.

Tips for the purchase of your first MTB

Within a certain price range, there is no better or worse bicycle. There are simply bikes that adapt to a greater or lesser extent to your needs as a cyclist. To find the right bicycle, a good idea is to go to a specialized distributor. Not only will they give you advice on which model is better for you, but they will also advise you on materials, geometries, components and much more. Having a hand trusted store is always a good resource.

What bicycle to choose?

MTB cyclist taking a curve The first doubt that arises when starting in mountain cycling is what a bicycle to choose. There are a lot of models adapted to very different MTB disciplines: Cross country (the most widespread modality), Down Country, Enduro, Trail, Downhill ... seen the panorama, it is best to choose depending on your tastes, here and now; You will have time to evolve as you acquire experience. If you are a novel cyclist, a recommendation of veteran It is that you buy a second -hand MTB, before a new one. For a reasonable cost, you will try if you really like this modality. Besides. You will learn issues about mechanics, you will know your true physical state and know where your limits are.
👉 ¡You are interested! In Tuvalum you can find high -end bicycles, but also models like these; For less than 1,500 euros, they offer you a good cost-reference balance for your first pedaling. Enter here and take a look. Mountain bikes And if you have doubts about which bicycle model is the most suitable for you, try The Tuvalum recommender, where we help you find the one that best fits with your profile.

Choose the correct size

If you are going to buy a mountain bike to start in this cycling practice, keep in mind the enormous importance of hitting the size. More important than the range of components that mounts your machine is that it fits your physiognomy. [IRP posts = "87" name = "How to choose the correct bicycle size"]

How to equip yourself for your mountain bike routes

You do not need to acquire a range of range to start in the MTB mode. Yes you have to contemplate, however, the following elements:

Specific helmet for MTB

There are plenty of explanations: first of all, security. The use of the bike helmet is always essential, regardless of the level you have as biker. If you already have one of the road, you can take advantage of it. Otherwise, it invests in a specific hull for mountain bike: they offer even greater protection, since their design covers the head to a greater extent. [IRP posts = "3675" name = "How to choose a good bicycle helmet"]


  Cyclist with helmet and sunglasses So that nothing enters your eyes and to protect you from UV rays, good cycling glasses are essential. In addition, if you whet by a leafy or trees, some branch could hit you on your face. Therefore, it is better to keep your eyes protected; And especially if we roll at good speed. [IRP posts = "4154" name = "How to choose good cycling glasses"]

MTB shoes

Specific mountain bike shoes are equally necessary. If you have never tried them, you won't believe the grip you can get. It will be like literally stuck to the bicycle. Here you will have to decide if you want to mount with automatic pedals or platform pedals. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. It is best to try and decide which system is better for your needs. Each requires a specifically type of shoe, although automatic are the most common. [IRP Posts = "7659" Name = "How to succeed in the purchase of your MTB shoes"]

MTB shorts

Between leaving sports and culottes of adjusted lycra, there is a middle ground for the practice of mountain cycling. Specific shorts with built -in Badana are the ideal solution: comfortable, flexible and not too baggy. In addition, they are manufactured with a strong material to withstand hooks, friction and falls, which are particularly frequent in mountain cycling.


Casco on the margin, protection accessories in which you should invest are the knee. Not only will they save you from scratches and blows caused by land accidents, but you will avoid the inevitable blows against the pedals.


There are those who renounce them, but some gloves should also be a basic element in your equipment. They contribute to the handlebar and protection grip, while absorbing the humidity of the hands.

Tips for the tuning of your mountain bike

Once you have your bike already at home and you have the appropriate equipment, it is time for the appropriate settings before rolling.

Watch the pressure of your tires

MTB Maxxis tires The covers are the only connection point between the bicycle and the terrain. Therefore, choosing a correct pressure can make a difference. An air pressure too low can increase the possibilities of puncture because of the classic tire. But if the pressure is too high, the problem is the loss of traction, which makes it difficult to control the bike in curves and stop. So what is a good tire pressure for beginners? [IRP posts = "4232" name = "How to know the correct pressure to which to swell the wheels of my bicycle"] There is no exact answer to this question. It is, rather, a matter of trial-error, where you have to discover what is best funicone for your based on the ground that you are going to travel. A good starting point could be 28 psi in the rear tire and 25 psi in the striker. Having slightly higher air pressure in the rear is normal, since it is the wheel that receives the worst part of the impacts. While the main work of the front tire is to keep grip and control when braking and curves, slightly lower pressures help this.

Adjust the height of the armchair

Be sure to place the armchair of your mountain bike at the right height: neither too high, nor too low. With high armchairs increases the possibility of chafing and the center of gravity rises, so the balance on the bike is lower. Neither do you go too much, since it can cause pain on your knees and accelerate muscle wear. An unwritten norm says that the ideal posture is reached when, sitting on the armchair, you place the heel on the pedal and the leg is stretched, but without forcing the hip. In this sense, a great advance in recent years has been the adoption of telescopic armchair. A specific handle allows you to change the height of the armchair on the march to raise or lower the center of gravity depending on the land. This provides a security plus to the mountain cyclist, whether novel or experienced. [IRP Posts = "3421" Name = "Is it worth investing money in buying a telescopic washing?"]

Configure suspensions

Monopive vertical shock absorber The objective of the suspension of an MTB is to absorb the impacts, so that the wheels stick to the ground and obtain maximum grip and control. The obstacles will be a bit more bearable and the launch comfort will increase significantly. It is important to understand how and why configure the suspensions correctly. Especially, if we adopt a double suspension bicycle (with cushioning in the fork and in the painting). If it is too hard, the rebound on the ground will be uncomfortable. If it is too soft, on the other hand, you will run the risk of compressing the suspension of the bicycle beyond its maximum route, top and suffering the corresponding impact. In summary, take your time to understand how to block and open suspensions to adapt them to the terrain through which you circulate. [IRP Posts = "4377" Name = "Five Basic Suspension Settings that you can do at home"]

Safety pedaling tips

Once we are ready, our mountain bike is time to venture on roads and trails. Next, we show you some skills that you should put into practice to enjoy your MTB routes. If you think more, we invite you to include them in the comments of this article.

Adopt a relaxed posture

Maintaining a relaxed posture on the bike is a key factor in MTB. The secret is to allow the bicycle to do your work. To do this, keep your body loose, semi -flexed, and get up from the armchair when you pass over obstacles. To face descents, open your elbows and knees and let the bike flow instead of fighting it. Keep your view projected forward to foresee the land. Play with the mass balance on the bike. When you raise a slope, move your weight forward to apply traction on the front wheel, which will tend to get up from the ground if the percentage is very large. To go down the roads with a strong slope, just the opposite: it delays the ass towards the rear wheel. And if the slope is moderate, focus on getting up from the armchair with the parallel pedals and heels down, so that your body applies strength on them. This will give you good stability. In any case, everything is a matter of practice.

Brake with guarantees

Brake discs In general, the brakes of a mountain bike are so powerful that you will only need a finger to apply the necessary force on the handles. In fact, he tries to be so, because in this way you will have almost all the free hand to grab the handlebar firmly. If necessary, adjust the handles so that they are perfectly accessible. Have an account that the best way not to lose control is to use both brakes and with maximum softness. It is good to know, anyway, that the more weight falls on a tire, the more braking power it will have. Before resorting to an emergency braking, it is preferable to anticipate and adjust the speed against any unforeseen event. If you see yourself attacking a curve at too much speed, avoid tightening the front brake, since you are likely to destabilize the wheel and end on the floor. It is better to stop back; Surely skids, but you can avoid falling.

At more speed, more security (sometimes)

It is possible that your conservation instinct leads you to slow down the march by crossing areas with obstacles such as stones or roots. Do not underestimate the ability of the tires to maintain maximum traction while turning in these conditions. In fact, speed can be your best ally to successfully overcome sections of this type. If you circulate too slowly, your wheel could directly impact each obstacle. Keeping a good speed, however, you could advance sliding on the ground. In any case, you don't want to go too fast and progress with a firm and safe step.

Choose adequate tours for beginner cyclists

If you get out of a professional level trialera without adequate preparation, it is most likely that you end up the soils. Obvious. Not only can you hurt you, but your trust will be seriously affected and you will not have so much desire to take the bicycle again. Knowing the limits itself is a skill that not many cyclists possess, but that is capital in the MTB modality. Start touring paths in which you feel comfortable. Whatever your physical condition, there will always be an adequate route for you. Progress little by little and face challenges in your technical level. It is always preferable to stay with the desire than to stop braking and suffer a fainting in the middle of the mountain.

Go out with someone who has more experience than you

There is no better way to progress than to go out with your mountain bike in the company of Bikers With more experience than you. Look how they develop on the bicycle and try to imitate some of their movements. Almost without planning it, you will reach limits that you didn't even know that they existed. In addition, sharing routes with other people will help you enjoy this cycling modality even more.

Be constant

This is the key. Constance is the only formula to improve your skills on your mountain bike. You will acquire experience and thanks to it you can explore your limits. Mountain cycling will exercise your whole body. The more you practice, the greater your resistance will be and you can consider the occasional challenge. You can combine tours at a constant pace with some Sprints short Persevere and before what you imagine you will see yourself overcoming challenges for those who did not think you prepared.      
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