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This is the new Canyon Ultimate: a bicycle that weighs less than 5 kilos

This is the new Canyon Ultimate: a bicycle that weighs less than 5 kilos

Canyon has just presented the latest edition of its star model for high competition: Canyon Ultimate CF Evo 10.0. Like its predecessors, it is manufactured in two versions: SL and LTD. As the main novelty, the German manufacturer has taken all his engineering arsenal with the aim of winning the battle to the scale and getting the lighter bicycle in the entire company of the company. And he has succeeded. The Canyon Ultimate CF Evo 10.0 SL box weighs only 665 grams. According to the brand itself, to achieve this, it has used a new carbon fiber technology for which you have had to request permission from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, since the patent of yours. Canyon Ultimate The bicycle is equipped with the SAM Red 11V change group and a set of tubular wheels of the Lightweight Meilenstein brand of less than 1 kilo of weight together. Canyon has not spared anything in order to get a bicycle below 5 kilos. And is that this Canyon Ultimate CF Evo 10.0 SL weighs 4.96 kilograms in the Model M.

Waiting for the end of weight limitation

Canyon states that it is a bicycle designed for high competition. However, professional cyclists must wait for the ICU to repeal the minimum weight limitation for bicycles in their statutes to be able to squeeze their full potential. Currently, the top world cycling agency establishes that no bicycle can weigh less than 6.8 kilos completely mounted to take part in an official UCI World Tour test. This regulation was approved in 2000 with the aim of ensuring that manufacturers did not compromise the safety and rigidity of their paintings, pieces and their components. However, in recent years brands seem to have demonstrated that they are able to manufacture increasingly light bicycles without a greater risk for the cyclist in terms of aerodynamics, driving or blow stability. Canyon Ultimate There are several manufacturers that have asked the ICU to eliminate the minimum weight restriction of its regulations. Mark Barfield, head of the Technical Area of ​​the International Cycling Union, described a few months ago in an interview granted to Cycling Tips to these regulations as "a relic of the past", and said that the ICU works in a new regulation where the criteria of Weight will be replaced by security criteria. In other words, bicycles must overcome a homologation test that guarantees the reliability of the materials. Until the UCI lifts the veto to light bicycles, brands try to adapt their latest generation models to current regulations, the tables with plums and added modules that increase the weight of the painting until they reach 6.8 kilograms. https://youtu.be/pAMwfmX3p3Q

The lightest in the platoon

The new Canyon Ultimate CF Evo 10.0 SL has entered the select club of bicycles that have managed to break the barrier of the 5 kilograms of weight. However, it still has half a kilo more than lightening to become the lighter serial production bicycle on the market: the ax road evor ultra, only 4.4 kg. Ranking of lighter serial production bicycles on the market: All of them, however, are far from the 2.7 kilograms that weighs the spin light bike designed by the German Günter Mai. It is not a series manufacturing model, since only 43 custom units were made. It sounds for science fiction, but if the ICU finally lifts the limitation of weight for its competitions and brands intensify its commitment to build increasingly light bicycles, will we have bicycles that weigh less than a milk brick?
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