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The Odyssey of Searching, Compare and Decide which Bicycle Buy You

The Odyssey of Searching, Compare and Decide which Bicycle Buy You

https://youtu.be/AGOo99k_RTI Buying a second -hand bike is an odyssey. You have to look for hundreds of ads, compare models, find out technical specifications ... Surely it has happened to you, when you have gone to buy a bicycle, doubts have entered which model is the best adapts to your needs and objectives. And possibly you will also have lost among so many technicalities and characteristics. Most cyclists turn to the grupeta partner who is more up to date to recommend a bicycle and help us choose the one that best suits us. But it happens that on many occasions we end with more doubts than we had when we tell us about box geometries, suspension tours, developments, connecting rods ... Most web pages of bicycle and online store manufacturers offer an endless list of technical specifications and technicalities. But very little information about the recommended type of use for each bicycle model. To avoid this complexity when searching, comparing and deciding which bicycle to buy, in Tuvalum we have created the largest online recommender of bicycles in Europe. It is an online tool that in 2 minutes or less allows you to know what are the most appropriate bicycles for you taking into account your use characteristics and sports objectives. He Tuvalum recommender Eliminates the difficulty of having to compare a lot of technical data on different models and diving between hundreds of second -hand, new or occasion bicycle ads. In this video the bikineros tell what the odyssey is to search, compare and decide which bicycle to buy you, and how the recommender of Tuvalum works.
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