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The new generation of solid covers, under examination

The new generation of solid covers, under examination

Bicycle tires In a competition, they can put the training of several months. Or ruin a quiet weekend departure. We talk about the punctures, the nightmare of any cyclist. Wheel and tire manufacturers for cycling have turned the brain for years with the aim of finding a solution that sends this problem to oblivion. The arrival to the system market TUBELESS It was a great advance in this regard, since it eliminated the need to have a camera between tire and pneumatic. Now comes a new generation of roofs that even eliminate the need to inflate the wheel. These are solid wheels, also called wheels Slick tannus, that have a growing number of enthusiasts. [IRP posts = "1244" name = "invent a bicycle tire with which you will never suffer a puncture"] This type of tire is 100% anti -snaps, since the air cannot escape anywhere ... because there is no. Inflate biciclceta wheel

6,000 kilometers without changing the covers

Barcelona manufacturer Tannus Tires says that with their solid wheels you can travel 6,000 kilometers without performing any maintenance. The grip of the roofs, one of the main weak points that detractors of this type of tires put on the table, is good dry and wet. For those who wonder if the rolling is done, in fact, on a plastic, the answer is that yes, but without forgetting that it is a very special plastic; The Aithher polymer, in its 1.1 plus version. It is lighter than the traditional set of roof and tire and is capable not only of staying intact in the face of punctures, but it supports without altering moisture and heat prolonged, as well as exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. solid wheels The fixation of this type of solid tires is carried out with a pins system that can be applied to almost all the tires that exist in the market. It is about adjusting the rubber on the tire and, with plastic bands, fix it. The brand has several models: Slick (700x23), Blade (700x28), Razor Blade (26 "x1,75), Shield (700x32/27" x1,25 and 20x1.5) and Mini Velo (16 "x1,25 / 18 "x1,25). You can also choose between 9 different colors. [IRP posts = "1071" name = "wide tires; a new trend in road cycling"] Triathlete

Recycled wheels in 30 minutes

Although for now it is a project that seeks financing to become reality, the company Nexo North America (United States) formed by three young entrepreneurs can give the next bell in the world of cycling. Its two star products are Ever Tires and Nexo Tires, two types of roofs that never undo. The polymers are also the protagonists of an innovation that has its strong point in the control they offer to the cyclist and in its long durability. On the other hand, both Ever Tires and Nexo Tires are products that are manufactured from recycled plastics and in record time of just 30 minutes. solid tire The use of sulfur at high temperature, among other chemicals, as are vulcanization, are responsible for the creation of roofs that promise to mark a before and after in the industry and in the experience of the cyclist, both professional and amateur. The fundamental difference between the Ever Tires and the Tires links is that the former are not compatible with all the tires, only with some concrete, while the nexus tires are. Of course, the installation of the latter is somewhat more cumbersome, because they have their own support system, called T-Bolts, and the process is not as fast as it is required to be.


Whether they are a reality, such as the Tannus Tires, or a project about to see the light, such as the Ever Tires and the Tires, the solid covers seem called to make their own space in the market. In his favor he plays the obvious carefree that they allow with respect to the awkward punctures, in addition to their long useful life and that do not require maintenance. On the other hand, they contribute to reducing the number of tires that are discarded per year, reducing the environmental impact. Against him is the weight gain that implies its installation and a sensation when rolling in which the fluidity of the classic cameras is missed, whether with cover or TUBELESS.
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