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The key to lighten the weight of your bicycle is on the wheels

The key to lighten the weight of your bicycle is on the wheels

MTB wheels Scratching grams to the scale is becoming an increasingly frequent obsession between cyclists and Bikers. Especially among the latter, for which 300 grams of more or less in the joint weight seems more than enough to buy one model or another bicycle. Certainly The lighter components offer an advantage When rolling on weight, flexion, rigidity and comfort. However, they also force a greater effort for our pocket. For example, the difference between Opt for a carbon box or an aluminum box In the same bicycle model it supposes a difference of € 1,500. Worth? >>> Will I buy an aluminum bike or a carbon bicycle? Before buying a mountain bike you should know that you can save some kilo of weight and many hundred euros if instead of Invest money in a carbon picture You invest it in a good wheel game. MTB wheels Wheels constitute one of the most important elements To lighten the weight of a bicycle. In addition, they have a direct impact on maneuverability, acceleration, braking and absorption of land irregularities. Those € 1,500 of difference that may be between a Mountain Bike With aluminum box and its same version with carbon box, you can dedicate them to a good wheel game. You will have money, The joint bike weight will be lower And your performance will be greater.

How to choose the right wheels

There are some details that you should take into account when choosing the combination wheel-bicycle that helps you lighten the weight and improve performance. The first key point is thickness. A wider wheel offers better traction, while a narrower wheel allows you to roll faster. Normally it is usually used to use a thick tire on the front tire and narrower in the rear. To improve your performance above the bicycle, look for the combination of tires that best suits your piloting style. Cyclists This is related to The second key point when choosing MTB wheels: The use you are going to make with your bicycle. It is not the same to practice enduro than to roll by dusty clues. Nor is it the same to make long routes through muddy lands than to go out by arid paths. There is no cover that works as well in all types of surfaces, so you must look for the wheel that best suits your typology of use within mountain cycling. If you practice enduro or descent, you will need a wheel that offers greater grip. And if you do marathon or XC, you must opt ​​for a tire with greater rolling capacity. To choose a light tire, Notice that they have a Kevlar ring instead of steel. They are easy to distinguish, because the steel ring covered always maintain their original circumference, while Kevlar ring can be folded easily. In addition, they are also simpler to mount on the tire precisely because of their greater flexibility. MTB wheel repair

Start by lightening the outside

If the wheel-bicycle combination is important to lighten the joint weight of your MTB, so is the tire-neumatic combination to improve driving. It is very simple: the whole of the tire, the camera (or tubeless) and the cover directly influence the acceleration, braking and pedaling. The less inertia this set has, the faster you can change direction and speed. To reduce the inertia of the wheels you must lighten these components from outside. That is, the order of influence of these elements begins with the tire. Choose a cover that is as light as possible. It's more important The tire weight difference than that of the bushing, since the first is in the outermost part and the second one in the innermost. Banner more than 1000 bikes on offer The more weight there is in the outer area of ​​the wheels, the more effort you will need to pedal and make them turn.

The advantages of carbon wheels

The main advantage of carbon wheels is evident: its weight. Some models fall from 1,300 grams. At a lower weight, less strength you have to do to advance more meters. But it is not just a matter of scale. Carbon wheels for mountain bike also offer a greater degree of stiffness per unit of weight that those of aluminum and favor a softer conduction, since they absorb more flexibility the irregularities of the land. In short, if you want to put your bicycle on a diet, before betting on a carbon box you should consider the option to buy a set of wheels of this material. You will get Reduce the joint weight, increase your bicycle benefits and save money.
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