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The challenge of pedaling below sea level

The challenge of pedaling below sea level

There has always been talk of the effects of running a cycling test in height. The higher the altitude above sea level, the lower the amount of oxygen in the air and the greater the difficulty to breathe. Tiredness appears before and the muscles stop their performance. That is why many cyclists choose the heights to prepare the season. In this way they define the body to work with less oxygen availability and gain background and resistance. But what happens when the test is celebrated at an altitude below sea level? If you want to check it, you only participate in the Great Fund arad Mar Dead, which is celebrated every year in Israel. It is a cycling challenge that takes place in the lowest geographical point of the entire planet: the Dead Sea Valley, 427 meters below sea level. This race has been held since 2012 and registrations are open to cyclists of any condition: from professionals to professionals to cover the quota of 1,000 places available. The test consists of a 3 -day team mode and a 155 -kilometer cycling route in the middle of the desert. To add an extra difficulty, the organization decided to include the call in the route Scorpion Pass. It is a winding port with 1,873 meters of unevenness, an authentic breaks.
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