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Test your resistance in the Titan D.O.P. Paprika

Test your resistance in the Titan D.O.P. Paprika

Titan Pimecón de la Vera Carlos V chose the Vera region, north of Extremadura, as a retirement to spend the last years of his life in the middle of a natural place of great wealth. And it is in that environment, precisely, where the second edition of the Titan D.O.P. will have the place next June 11. Paprika. It is a scoring test for the Open of Extremadura of Ultramarathon and Marathon and for the Titan Extán Extremadura Tour 2017 circuit. The spectacularity of the area is one of the great attractions for Bikers Enjoy a weekend of pure mountain cycling, crossing forests by paths of great technical demand and alternating continuous changes in the field. But so is the range of tours to choose from, with four categories: ultramarathon, marathon, march and Judoex.

Ultramarathon: 125 kilometers on the mountain

The ultramarathon distance is designed to test the resistance of the Bikers. The route is 135 kilometers with an accumulated slope of more than 3,600 meters. The hardness of the circuit makes it only suitable for the most trained cyclists. The layout will not be marked, so the use of GPS will be mandatory. This adds an adventure point to the test. The organization will not publish the track until a week before the race is held.
Tuvalum raffles a two inscription pack so you can participate with the friend you choose in this spectacular MTB test.

Marathon: To enjoy the fat-bikes

The marathon category will have a special category for those cyclists who want to run with a fat-bike in this edition. The route has a length of 85 kilometers, with a positive accumulated slope of 2,200 meters. Both the exit and the goal will be located in the town of Jaraíz de la Vera. The circuit will pass through the towns of Robledillo de la Vera, Losar de la Vera, Jarandilla de la Vera, Aldeanueva de la Vera and La Olla throat, located in the Tiétar Valley. Titan Dop Pimentón de la Vera profile

March: For middle level cyclists

This route is indicated for cyclists who still do not have the necessary level to venture with great background tours as those of the ultramarathon and the marathon. The organization has arranged two distances: a first of 60 kilometers with a slope of 1,600 meters, and a second of 35 kilometers with an unevenness of 800 meters. The 60 -kilometer circuit includes increases that will force some to get off the bicycle. Nor will the trails and technical zones be missing. Although it is not a simple layout, it is affordable for cyclists of an average level. Those who prefer to enjoy in a more relaxed way can make the route of 35 kilometers.

Judoex: Initiation march

The range of categories and tours of the Titan D.O.P. Páimón de la Vera is completed with the march called Judoex. It is an initiation route for cadets and schools.   All participants in the different modalities of this test will receive a gift in the broker's bag from Tuvalum. In addition, we raffle a pack of two inscriptions to take the exit with the friend that you choose and enjoy an adventure weekend in one of the most beautiful places in Spain. If you want to get two inscriptions click here.
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