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Spring reaches the XI BTT Circuit Diputación de Albacete

Spring reaches the XI BTT Circuit Diputación de Albacete

Madrigueras hosted the 11th stop of the XI Circuit BTT Diputación de Albacete. In her, Jesús Fernández (Sports Bike team) gave the big surprise and won the great favorites against all prognosis. The exit took it more than seven hundred Bikers, which demonstrates the excellent health they currently enjoy, both the test and the circuit. In the female classification, however, there were hardly any surprises with the victory of Desiree Moya, which has won each and every one of the races in which it has participated in this edition of the circuit, although the fact of having lost some evidence causes that it is not among the best classified in the general. Spring has broken into this circuit, allowing corridors to at the end of optimal running temperatures. In the coming weeks, the circuit will continue to dispute tests at different parts of the Albacete geography.
  • April 30: BTT Mahora
  • May 7: BTT Mogarra
  • May 14: BTT Alcaraz
  • May 21: BTT LETUR
In all cases, inscriptions have a price of 16 euros for cyclists not registered to the circuit, and € 13 for those who take part in it. These four tests offer very dynamic tours, disparate difficulties and with some hard ramps. When the month of May ends, the equator of the almost forty tests that make up this circuit will be reached, so we will know who are the main favorites to take the final triumph in the capital of the province, which will host the race that This edition of the circuit will close.

A gift from Tuvalum in the corridor bag

Bikers participating in any of the tests that make up the XI Circuit BTT Diputación de Albacete You will find a gift from Tuvalum. Specifically, they will have discount vouchers for the safest website for the sale of MTB and triathlon cycling material. Another prize for runners who travel the Albacete paths.
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