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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Zamora

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Zamora

Zamora is vertebrate by the lands of Valle del Duero in the center and south of its territory and by a more mountainous area in the northwest, specifically in the Sanabria region. In all of them, mountain cycling can be practiced throughout the year, with conditioned and marked itineraries for cyclists, such as the multitude of routes around the provincial capital or the routes of Mountain Bike by the Sanabria region and its famous lake lake Glacier, the eldest of all of Spain. Nor can you stop visiting large -value enclaves such as the Arribes del Duero, near with the border with Portugal, where we can obtain magnificent views of the throats and cannons that forms the riverbed from its viewpoints.


A suitable tour for all levels around the city of Zamora, with a visit of points of interest such as the Ribera del Río Valderaduey, before leading to the Duero or the small town of Molacillos, with its famous Roman site of El Teso of the default and its Romanesque bridge over the Valderaduey. The route is affordable, with only a demanding repect at the middle and end of the route.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Modality: XC
  • Distance: 36.4 kilometers
  • Elimming: 266 meters
  • Route type: Circular
  • Start end: Zamora
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Route Arribes Zamoranos

This route through the Arribes del Duero Zamoranos that we propose has a degree of high difficulty but is worth it for the spectacularity of the place that crosses, traveling the typious cannons that the Duero river forms before its entrance in Portugal through the area of ​​Miranda do Douro. The tour has many ups and downs, in addition to crossing places of great landscape value such as the Duero Canyons themselves, the Prado Council stream, the spectacular Requejo bridge or the Portuguese town Miranda do Douuro.

Lago de Sanabria Route

Rolle by bicycle through the Sanabria area, northwest of the province of Zamora near the border with Portugal, it is one of the most beautiful MTB routes that can be done. The route is simple and runs mostly by clues surrounded by dense oak and chestnut forests that in autumn reach a very prominent beauty point with the coloration of their leaves. The objective is to reach Lake Sanabria, the largest glacier lake in Spain, located at 1,000 meters of altitude and surrounded by green and lush forests. In addition, you can know the peculiar architecture of the Sanabreses peoples, characterized by small houses with two -slate waters and thick stone walls.
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