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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Navarra

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Navarra

The Foral Community of Navarra stands out for the diversity of landscapes of its territory, in addition to its towns and cities loaded with history and traditions. From the green valleys and mountains of the north to the plain of the riverbank in the south, Navarra offers numerous routes that will not disappoint the biker. In addition, this diversity of land and landscapes is also owned by its climate, Mezlca of Mediterranean and Oceanic or humid of the north, being able to bike outflows for practically the whole year. You cannot miss unique enclaves such as the Baztan Valley, the Merindad of Pamplona, ​​the medieval charm of Estella or the Huertas de Tudela, in the Ebro Valley.

Baztan Route

To the north of Navarra is the region of Alto Bidasoa and the Baztan Valley, an idyllic place to travel by bicycle. Not only are some villages of traditional Basque-Navarra architecture, such as Santesteban, Urdax or Zugarramurdi, with their picturesque hamlets, also natural places where green is the protagonist, such as Bertiz's lordship. A route that is part of the cross -stages of Bidasoa stages, which includes northern Navarra, Guipúzcoa and the French Basque Country.
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Modality: XC / Trail
  • Distance: 40.7 kilometers
  • Elimming: 1,038 meters
  • Route type: Linear
  • Start end: Santesteban / Zugarramurdi
  • See the track of the route on Wikiloc

Green Plazaola via

One of the few routes of this guide that runs between two provinces but is worth highlighting in the Navarra chapter. This is the old railway journey between Pamplona and San Sebastián, popularly known as in Train Plazaola or Txiki. The route has been reconverted on green, with a wide forest track that crosses some of the tunnels of the old roads. It is a linear route, leaving in Leitza (Navarra) and arrival in Andoain, already in Guipúzcoa. It has 27 kilometers and the field of first leg is totally favorable. A route that shows the green and deep Navarrese and Basque valleys, as well as the traditional architecture of its peoples and villages.

Return to the Royal Bárdenas

The Royal Bárdenas is one of the most spectacular natural parks in Spain. It is declared a biosphere reserve and is a semi -desert place full of contrasts. This circular route runs through trails and ground tracks that pass through most of the best known points of the Bárdenas, although before presenting yourself there with your bicycle you should know that there are restrictions that change throughout the year, since it is a space Bird protected and depending on the season and the population of birds, it is common for between March and September to establish the closing of the Mountain Bike and Hiking. Therefore, it is important that before making this or any other route through the Bárdenas you report on the park website, which also has a section dedicated to BTT routes enabled.

Ribera de Navarra

The Ribera de Navarra, in the southern end of the community, breaks with the usual landscape of the central and north zone, finding a drier and drier land in the Ebro valley. The capital of the region of the riverbank is Tudela, the Second city in the population of Navarra after Pamplona. We carry out the route through the southern part of the riverbank, visiting villages such as Murchant, Cascante, Monteagudo or Ablitas. The route is affordable in the physical and technical. A MTB roller tour of the so -called 'Huerta de Navarra', with its famous asparagus crops as protagonists.
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