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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Cuenca

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Cuenca

Cuenca is one of the most mountainous Manchegas provinces and one of those that encloses more variety of landscapes and protected natural environments. Its mountain range is one of them, which extends from the provincial capital to the border with Aragon and the Valencian Community. They can also be traveled by bicycle throughout the year purely manchegos villages on flat land such as Tarancón, Las Pedroñeras or Mota del Cuervo. In addition, do not stop visiting the Hoces del Júcar, with breaking routes and spectacular and loaded peoples of history such as Alarcón.


Route to discover the surroundings of the city of Cuenca and its famous mountain range. We rolled along the paths of the Hoces del Júcar and the Huécar, the rivers that cross the enchanted city, entering the mountains by the Singletrack of the jet path or the path of the Barranco de la Hoya Negra. The route has three climbs of a certain entity: the first in the hill of San Cristóbal, as soon as they leave Cuenca; The second at kilometer 28, on the hill of La Calzadilla and the third and last on the Loboso hill.

Cuervo River Birth

The birth of the Cuervo River is declared a natural monument. It is one of the most spectacular springs in Spain, which can be perfectly accessed by mountain bike. With departure and arrival in the town of Tragacete, the route is composed mostly of the track and forest road, with very few technical sections except some cobbled climbs. In addition to the spring waterfalls, some of the hoces and cuts characteristic of the Cuenca mountain range are crossed.

Alarcón - Júcar Hoces

Alarcón is one of the villages of the province of Cuenca declared artistic historical complex and one of the cycling destinations we recommend if you want to visit the province by bicycle. Its famous castle-strength of Arab origin, which dominates the town from Cerro, is the point of origin of this route through the prominent hoces of the Júcar, with sections of continuous rises and falls around the picazo reservoir and the hard final repect to climb to the walled area of ​​Alarcón.
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