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Of route through the forests of Toledo; Thus comes the march BTT Sierra y Pedal

Of route through the forests of Toledo; Thus comes the march BTT Sierra y Pedal

  Sierra and Pedal You still have no plan for the weekend of May 6? If you live in the province of Toledo and you are passionate about Mountain Bike, perhaps you are interested to know that this day is celebrated in the municipality of Pelahustán the second edition of the BTT Sierra y Pedal march. It is a race that will run through the heart of the Sierra de San Vicente, an area of ​​high landscape value that crosses roads, paths and forests. The exit and the goal will be in Pelahustán, but the route passes through the towns of El Real de San Vicente, Castillo de Bayuelo, Garciotún and Nuño Gómez. Sierra and Pedal There is two itineraries of different mileage and technical difficulty. In this way the test is oriented both to the most experienced cyclists who seek to alternate ups and downs of technical complexity, and to those who prefer to enjoy mountain cyclism without great demands. The longest itinerary consists of 45 kilometers, with an accumulated slope of 1,100 meters. The second itinerary is 20 kilometers and 600 meters of unevenness, avoiding the most technical sections. During the race there will be supplies and a mechanical assistance zone installed will also be available at the test output, for those cyclists who need to make last -minute adjustments to their bicycle before starting the route. There will also be sink and showers services. As a climax, at the end of the race, all participants can enjoy a boiler. All participants will receive a gift from Tuvalum in the corridor bag. Tuvalum raffles a pack from 2 free inscriptions, so you can participate in the race in the company of a friend. To participate in the raffle you just have to leave your data before April 29 in the following form: [sform] 5[/sform]  
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