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Nueva Wilier Zero SLR: disc brakes, ultralight and fully integrated

Nueva Wilier Zero SLR: disc brakes, ultralight and fully integrated

The disc brakes and electronic change groups have become this part in two of the most desired elements for a while when acquiring a high performance bicycle. Especially in segment of the highest ranges. That is why bicycles have versions equipped with both components for their rally models. Virtually almost all the main road bicycle manufacturers offer the possibility of mounting disc brakes and electronic groups in their flagship models. Wilier It has been one step further by presenting a bicycle that can only wear disc brakes and electronic change. That is, there is no possibility that Monte Brakes of Puente or a mechanical change group because its picture does not. This is the Wilier Zero SLR 2020, a competition bicycle with a versatile geometry. According to the Italian manufacturer "Includes each and every one of the characteristics that the most demanding cyclists are looking for: disc brakes, electronic transmission, aerodynamic efficiency, stability and control at high speeds, as well as the full integration of the cables". To the internal wiring of the change system, something common on road bicycles even in medium ranges, the Italian brand adds the integration of brake cables into the box. [IRP Posts = "3317" Name = "Advantages and disadvantages of wearing road disc brakes"] This innovation is not new or original by Wilier. In fact, there are other road bicycles that already offer an internal brake wiring system. This is the case of BMC Roadmachine 01 One wave Specialized Voice S-Works Disc. However, while in the Integrated ICS Integrated System System of BMC the wiring is guided by the power, in the Cockpit Zero of this Wilier Zero SLR the steering pipe has a rounded internal structure and the cables simply are rolled inside of a guide to descend through the steering tube and fork. According to Wilier engineers, this offers the advantage that at no time this internal wiring provision affects the management of the management. But it has a counterpart: there is no free hole for the wiring of a mechanical group. Hence, the Wilier Zero SLR can only set up an electronic change as Shimano the Shimano Ultegra Di2 or the SRAM Red ETAP.

Multivalent, but Super League

The Italian brand presumes that this Wilier Zero Slr bicycle stands out for a multi -residency geometry that allows it to offer great performance in different career situations and driving needs. For its design inherits some characteristics of aerial type bicycles. Not only in regard to the integration of all wiring, but for details such as the perfect integration of the armchair in the box. It also shares similarities with large background bicycles in regards to the control and stability of driving, as well as the possibility of moving 15 millimeters to achieve a more relaxed and comfortable driving position. [IRP posts = "1365" name = "so are the graphene pictures, and could weigh only 350 grams"] But, without a doubt, the Wilier Zero SLR has a climbing soul. His painting is really light, no less than 780 grams for size 54/m. It is true that it is not Wilier's lighter bicycle (the Zero 6 box weighs 680 grams), but it is lighter than other bicycles, such as the Specialized Venge S-Works DISC (960 grams). Wilier Zero Slr wheels

Even faster wheel closures

Both in the front and rear axis, the Wilier Zero SLR is equipped with the new Mavic Speed ​​Release of 12mm, which allows you to remove the wheel without completely removing axis. Just just loosen it. This system has a double advantage: on the one hand, the extreme speed and ease to disassemble and mount the wheel. On the other, which once the correct torsion is reached, more force can be applied to the lever. This prevents the thread from being damaged by tightening the axis too much. According to Wilier, the Zero SLR wheel crossing allows up to 28 mm. However, this can be a limitation before the new tendency to incorporate increasingly wide tires even in aerial bicycles. As a reference, the Specialized Venge admits 32 mm wheel widths. [IRP posts = "1071" name = "wide tires; a new trend in road cycling"]


In short, the Wilier Zero SLR is a versatile bicycle designed to meet the demands of cyclists looking for a high -end versatile machine, clean design, equipped with the latest but predominantly climbing. Possibly it is the first of many other road bicycles that will follow the same path: light, with an aircard, equipped with disc brakes and fully integrated. In favor, its design, smoothness, rigidity and integration of all wired elements within the table. Against, the limitation of not being able to mount a mechanical group or wider wheels of 28 mm.
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