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Legal Bases of the Tuvalum 8th Anniversary Draw

Legal Bases of the Tuvalum 8th Anniversary Draw

This contest is subject to the following general bases: A raffle will be held among the participants who have correctly fulfilled the bases of the raffle. 1 winner will be obtained that will receive the prize of this raffle. The promotion will take place on 03/28/2023 at 10 am. Until 4/03/2023 at 23: 59h. The winner's name will be published on March 5, 2023 on the Tuvalum competition page and in the official Intagram account of Tuvalum: @Tuvalum. The participation in the contest will be carried out through the Instagram application: You must follow @tuvalum, comment by mentioning a friend and like the publication where the draw is advertised. Participants must meet each of the following requirements:
  • Be resident in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands).
  • Be of age.
  • Complete the raffle shares published in the Instagram account of Tuvalum from March 28, 2023 until April 4, 2023.
This promotion is not sponsored by any manufacturer, brand or distributor of cycling material. It is an action created exclusively by Tuvalum for your followers on Instagram. In order to be delivered, the prize will be an indispensable requirement that the winner firm the corresponding letter of acceptance of the award, and deliver a copy of his ID. There is only one participation by "IP" or Instagram account. Those multiple participations from the same IP will make it considered void, not opting for the awards. The use of false emails, false Instagram accounts or any other fraudulent mail system will be a reason for void participation, not opting for the awards or appearing in the participants table.

Organizer and raffle scope

Tuvalum SL, with registered office in Duque de Gaeta Calle 21, 46022 of Valencia, with CIF B98725641 and Email Hola@tuvalum.com, and owner of the Tuvalum brand (hereinafter “Tuvalum”), organizes from March 28 to 4 April the free contest without purchase obligation called "8th anniversary draw" (hereinafter "the draw") in accordance with the provisions of these bases.

Draw conditions

Between June 8 and June 13, 2021 (both included) who wishes to participate must meet the following conditions:
  • Be a follower of Tuvalum's profile on Instagram.
  • Give "I like" the publication of Tuvalum in which the raffle is promoted.
  • Mention in the publication of Tuvalum in which the raffle is promoted to a friend.
  • Share in your "stories" the publication of Tuvalum in which the raffle is promoted.

Prize description

1 Prize consisting of 1 bicycle reconditioned by Tuvalum, WRC Comp in size M will be delivered. The prize is nominative, the winner will not be able to give it to a third party. The prize is not reimbursable or redeemable for money.

Choice of the winner

On April 5, 2023, the Tuvalum team will randomly select the winners. Tuvalum will collect the following data from the participants:
  • Instagram profile of the participant.
  • Number of valid comments from each participant in the post of the raffle
Then a spreadsheet will be created with Google Sheets that will contain the profiles of the participants. Each participant will appear as long as it has left a valid comment and published in Story format the Instagram publication where the contest is advertised. A valid comment is a comment in which the participant has labeled a friend with Instagram profile. Each valid comment will have a reference number and occupy a cell leaf cell. Through a random cell selection function, the Google software will select a random winner. Then we will contact the winning person by direct Instagram message and announce his name in the Tuvalum profile of this social network.

Award delivery

The winner will be contacted by the private message of Chat on Instagram. In the event that it was not possible to locate him within 48 hours, or if he expressly rejects the prize for any reason, Tuvalum will repeat the winner's choice. Once the prize is accepted, Tuvalum will be in charge of processing the sending of the winner's home award, with the exclusive condition that it is within the Spanish territory (Peninsula or Balearic Islands).

Protection and use of data

The personal data of all participants will not be stored in any file or database by Tuvalum. Once the Tuvalum award will proceed to the elimination of the Google Sheet spreadsheet on which the winner's choice is made.

Intellectual property

Participants authorize the information that appears in their public profiles of Instagram, such as Profile or Name, are published and promoted in the digital supports and social networks of Tuvalum, as well as in any of the official communication channels of the communication of the communication of the Brand without generating right in your favor to receive any consideration.

Reserves and limitations

TUVALUM SPORTS S.L. It is exempted from any responsibility in the event of any error in the data provided by the participants themselves that prevented their identification. The adjudication of all awards is personal and non -transferable, not being able to be exchanged for another or by their metallic countervalue. The participant exempts Tuvalum from possible delays and/or before all kinds of computer, transport, or logistics (with enunciative, non -limiting) that could occur in the fulfillment of these legal basis, renouncing any type of claim and/or compensation against Tuvalum. In any case, Tuvalum reserves the right to modify at any time the conditions or bases of this raffle, without prejudice to the appropriate announcement by any means used for the celebration of the same, without assuming any responsibility for the modification, or by any force. or circumstances not controlled by Tuvalum, committing to communicate enough the new bases and the participation criteria. Likewise, and provided there is a justified and properly motivated cause, Tuvalum reserves the right to cancel the draw. In that case, and provided that the term expressly provided for in the current rule is not over, Tuvalum does not commit to granting the expressly indicated prize/s. Tuvalum reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify this raffle, change or modify any condition or requirement thereof and/or these bases, as well as replace the prize/s or any part of them by a different one. In all cases mentioned above, users would be informed through the mentioned websites or social media pages.
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