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How to hire insurance for my bicycle

How to hire insurance for my bicycle

Are you one of those who are already convinced that he wants to hire insurance for his bicycle? If so, there will be a series of questions that you want to have resolved. One of them, how to take the steps to hire the policy. Next we offer you extensive information about the procedure based on our experience with several insurance companies. [IRP Posts = "3180" name = "The advantages of hiring insurance for your bicycle"] Consulting the websites of several insurance companies will help you as the first step. You will discover that not all companies that come to mind when you think about insurers offer policies for our bicycles. And that there are specialized companies that are dedicated exclusively to making insurance for cyclists. [IRP Posts = "3199" name = "What company does the best bicycle insurance offer?"] Many insurance companies offer on their web pages in different sections which are their basic and additional coverage and, as important as this, what are their monthly and annual rates. Also, in some cases, you can find a section with frequent questions or FAQ’s. Most insurance websites put many facilities for you to get in touch with them, either by phone, e-mail or through their social networks. It is also common for your phone number to call you and inform you or answer possible doubts. Although you look on the company's general corporate website, it is most likely to call you a local agent and close to you, so you can even arrange an appointment in person.

Insurance for 'globeros' or 'pros'?

One of the first questions that the insurance company will ask you is whether the use you make of the bicycle is recreationally or competers in marches and tests on a regular basis. Do you use it to go to work every day? Or do you combine several of these things? Cyclists Your answers will define the sure profile that will best fit your needs, since it does not suffer the same danger of breakage robbery a bicycle that is used every weekend to compete that one that remains weeks saved a garage. [IRP posts = "3079" name = "What happens if I have a bike accident and I have no insurance?"]

How do I choose the different coverage for my bicycle?

Insurance companies offer a basic pack that additional coverage can be added to the bicycle owner. In this basic package, civil liability insurance (is mandatory), the expenses derived from personal accidents, travel assistance, defense and legal protection, bicycle damage, and, almost always, rescue expenses are usually included. and rescue. Cycling woman From here you can add coverage such as compensation for theft of the bicycle as long as it is subject to a fixed element with an approved lock insurance; Surgical hospitalization expenses, repair surgery by accident; Permanent disability up to a maximum of 12,000 euros and death due to accident, with limit up to 6,000 euros.

What documentation do I need to hire bicycle insurance?

Companies that offer bicycle insurance are not going to ask for too many documents to hire a policy. This means that the process will be agile and you can enjoy the insurance in a short time. Have the following data at hand:
  • Name and surname.
  • DNI in force.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Bicycle model (you must be as specific as possible).
  • Year of purchase of the bicycle.
  • Bicycle price at the time of purchase (you may have to attach a copy of the purchase invoice)
Insurance companies ask you for the purchase price of the bicycle because they make a calculation with which they value the cost of replacement for them in case of accident or theft damage (if this coverage is hired, etc.). [IRP posts = "3168" name = "How much does it cost to hire insurance for my bicycle?"] Insurance companies usually establish special clauses for higher value bicycle models than usual and have a unique scale for those that have a medium value. Check this point with your company, because that amount can range considerably.

Can I hire insurance if I don't have the bicycle purchase bill?

If a long time has passed since the purchase of your bicycle and do not have the purchase invoice, or you have lost it, it should not worry unless it is a bicycle with a very high market value. contract Before signing the contract, be sure to know which is an economic amount that the company considers standard for replacement without added cost. If the bicycle is not new, but you have bought it used, if you have a purchase bill it has the same validity as if it were new, as if you can contribute a receipt signed by the seller or a similar document.

How does the appraisal of my bicycle do the insurance?

Although it is not the most common, insurance companies can assess the bicycle if it has a high value in the market. The usual thing is that they hire an external appraisal service with which they collaborate, and that it takes data such as the reference the purchase price, the antiquity or value of the different bicycle components (whether original or added subsequently ). cyclists training

How is the signature and payment of my bicycle insurance made?

Once all the insurance information and provided all the data requested by the company, it proceeds to prepare the contract. Although in some cases all management can be done electronically, in most companies the contract is signed with an appointment in person through an insurance agent, or the sending of all documentation to the home occurs, for its completed forward. In all cases it is advisable to read in detail all the documentation, including all the clauses and the small print and consult with an agent of the insurance company in the case of having any questions that may arise. Regarding the payment of the insurance, it is usual for a account number to be provided so that the company gives an automatic order of charge once a year.
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