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How to face a Mountain Test Bike in stages

How to face a Mountain Test Bike in stages

It is fashionable, it is something undeniable. Stage mountain cylinder tests have grown in number and popularity in recent years. That is why I think interesting my experience with bikineros, focusing the shot in what has been lived on the following tests: While it is true that some are a great disbursement, they are a small luxury that today cycling fans allow us once or twice a year, considering it as a small vacation, either with friends or family. Let's not forget that these evidence, more and more, take into account family members, and therefore parallel activities are organized so that the little ones also enjoy the event. In my case, in the last year I have participated in four marathon tests in stages:
  • Tour of León 2018 (3 stages)
  • Catalunya Biker Race 2018 (3 stages)
  • Black Knight Epic Race 2019 (4 stages)
  • Costa Atlantic MTB Tour 2019 (3 ​​stages)
How to prepare to face such proof? What to take into account to make the leap of the marches and short routes of 1 day to the long marathon days? These are my recommendations if you are considering including this type of tests in your competition calendar:

Super compensation training

The first thing is to be sure to face proof of these characteristics. These are demanding stages. Many cyclists are fixed only in the numbers of distance and accumulated slope. But behind the kilometers traveled and the Marathon tests hide technical sections that are not always at the level of all participants. Therefore it is necessary to know oneself and have trained in conditions. Knowing that you can get several days of great effort is something basic, and therefore I recommend that training professionals be consulted in order to face the fun guarantee test. That is, without suffering beyond what is desired, and thus be able to finish each stage with a smile. A highly recommended training is that of super compensation. It is based on making longer and more harsh routes, in which we will always squeeze in the repes, holding the effort for a longer time in each training. They may hurt the legs (I confirm that they hurt), but if we do this type of training for a few weeks before the test we will enjoy it to a greater extent. In any case, it is convenient to contact a cycling training professional who can advise us.

Necessary material for a marathon

We must not only bicycle And good legs. It also takes spare material. You have to try to be self -sufficient in case of mechanical incidence. A pair of cameras, one or two spare change pins, a chain, one or two covers in case we crowd those that we ride on the bike, suitable clothing for possible time changes, etc. For three or four days it can happen from everything, from a sudden heat wave, as happened in the black knight Epic Race, two days of rain and mud that we suffer (but we also enjoy) on the Atlantic coast MTB Tour. With regard to clothes, in my experience two complete equipment is sufficient. It is convenient to add a vest, sleeves, a raincoat and two pairs of gloves. We can always wash a kit and leave it drying during the next day. Mountain Bike in Group

Nutrition in stages test

So much my partner Eduardo As I pay 100% to Crown Sport Nutrition professionals in order to avoid cramps, birds or other problems that may happen. Its recommendation for stages of more than 3h is:
  • Bidon with isotonic the first hour.
  • From there, another drum with water every hour at least.
  • Sales: A pill of salts every 45min.
  • Gels and bars: From the first hour it starts by half a bar and every 45min barite and gel are alternating.
  • Recovery: Upon reaching the finish line, a milkshake of hydrates and protein as soon as possible.
This formula works perfectly. No little ones, and no problem in the race. We must indicate that we do not take this script to Rajatabla. It is simply a general idea, since each route is different, and sometimes you cannot afford to eat a bar at the time it touches the demand of the land. cyclist drinking

Trip and accommodation

A stages mountain cycling test is a tourist claim. To give an example, if you live outside Galicia a trip to the Atlantic coast MTB Tour is a phenomenal excuse to visit the Baixas Rias. In any case, and beyond that we intend to extend the trip, we will always need two extra days, one prior to the test for the first trip, and another for the return. It is not necessary in any case to hurry the first trip, since the corridor's dorsal and bag we can always pick it up the same morning of stage 1, before the departure. In any case, I advise doing it the day before to avoid last minute scares and be able to be calm. Everyone roars our stomach before an exit, right? [IRP Posts = "2161" name = "The 10 best destinations in Europe for a bicycle vacation"] The accommodation is very personal, and from my experience I would say that the camping It is something to live, but only in ideal weather conditions. With rain and low temperature you can become a real hell. Therefore, we may be able to invest a little more money and go to a hotel or pension, even an apartment with some friends, where to be able to wash clothes, perform the repairs and cleaning that we need on the bike, to cook and rest agustly. Keep in mind that after a stage of 3h to 6h it is normal to be quite tired and everything that comes in the afternoon can be done very uphill. In the end they are a vacation, so we try to enjoy them to the fullest in what our budget allows us. MTB

In race

In these tests, the level of the participants is usually very high, with a multitude of local and even international teams competing for victory. This results in the squad accelerates soon. While it is true that in one day tests you can press more and go out of his way, try to follow the rhythm in stages in stages is a big mistake. If your level is according to the 130th place of the general, do not fight for 90 from the first stage, since your body will make you pay the next day. We have to find our place in the test and give the maximum but always taking into account what remains ahead. In this case we do not speak only of kilometers, but of days. It can be done very long if we do not adapt the effort to the demands of the stages.


I always say the same thing: years ago I spent € 500 to go to music festivals, weekends with beach friends or similar plans. Now, I spend them on stages cycling tests. And I'm just as happy. With age one changes interest. Let's enjoy these events, but always having some bases clear and without getting too excited. In the end we are fond of a sport as beautiful as it was hard. The goal is to enjoy, not suffer. So let's focus well to enjoy the event to the fullest.
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