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How much does it cost to hire insurance for my bicycle?

How much does it cost to hire insurance for my bicycle?

Do you know how much money it costs to hire an insurance policy for your bicycle? The insurance market, due to its strong competition, offers a huge diversity of prices and coverage. That's why It is essential to compare What they offer and others to be clear that the insurance that we are going to hire is the one that really fits our needs. In this way we will avoid being unprotected from certain coverage to hire the cheapest insurance. Or quite the opposite, pay an excessive amount to have a series of coverage that we will not really need. Here are a basic guide in which You can check How much does it cost to secure a bicycle. Prices are calculated in accordance with the average cost of numerous comparative insurance.
You can find basic bicycle insurance with a price of 20 or 25 euros a year
Keep in mind that you can find good offers at some special times, such as the end of the year or the beginning of summer, and on specific dates, such as Black Friday. Cyclists You can get to customize in great detail the type of policy you hire, since the coverage adapt to all needs and each type of client. Let's virtually say you can build insurance to your measure. All this will influence the price, although insurance companies have standard packages from which you can guide yourself.

The basic price for those who do not want to spend much

It is possible to find basic bicycle insurance with a price of 20 euros or 25 euros a year. And even for less in some specific case. It is the smallest price, a basic pack from which different coverage can be added. With this modality, we will be protected in case of suffering an accident in this way:
  • Compulsory civil liability insurance up to 150,000 euros.
  • Reimbursement of expenses derived from medical care up to 2,000 euros.
  • Travel assistance service, with punctures included.
  • Payment of expenses derived from a rescue service, either by aerial or land means, up to a stipulated amount (10,000 - 15,000 euros).
  • Claim of damage to third parties, as well as legal assistance and procedures of managing.
  • Compensation for the damages suffered on the bicycle of an accident.
road cyclists In some cases, these insurance include additional policies such as double compensation for medical and pharmaceutical expenses With an expense roof, which It does not usually exceed 5,000 euros, or the double insured sum of the insurance of Civil liability. In the case of bicycle damage, the franchise that is usually set is around 10% of the incident, with a minimum amount of 100 euros.

Theft of the bicycle, a changing clause

As for theft, in some insurance companies it is included in the basic package, but In most it is considered an extra for which you have to pay An additional amount. Bicycle thief Insurance companies require that the security lock used for bicycle protection be approved, or otherwise they do not cover compensation for this concept.
For a bicycle of 4,000 euros, an insurance that includes damage coverage and theft can cost 210 euros a year
Both to cover the expenses derived from the damage of a bicycle and its robbery, The company must make an assessment of our bike before hiring insurance. The higher this, the greater the compensation, but also the cost of insurance. For example, for a bicycle with a value of 500 euros, the cost of insurance with damage can be 30 euros -45 euros if it includes robber coverage. If it has a value of 1,000 euros, prices will be € 45 and € 69, respectively. And if its value reaches 4,000 euros, The amounts could reach 115 and 210 euros in each case.

Additional coverage that increases the price of insurance

In addition to the robbery coverage, there are other coverage can be added to the basic package mentioned in the previous section. Some companies include them by default.

Personal Assistance Service

If, as a result of the accident we have suffered with our bicycle, we cannot develop in our day to day, the insurance company will be responsible for paying the costs derived from hiring a professional to help us do it, such as A home assistant.

Payment of expenses derived from a plastic surgery intervention

This coverage covers the operating room expenses to perform repair plastic surgery as a result of the accident suffered with the bicycle. The companies set a maximum for the payment of this service, which can be very variable but that in the lowest case reaches 2,000 euros. Wounded cyclist calling by phone

Coverage of expenses derived from admission to the hospital

Not only includes transfer expenses to the hospital from the place where we have suffered the accident. Also the payment of compensation for each day that remains in the health care center.

Legal and Defense Protection

If you hire this coverage, in the event that an affected third party initiates legal actions against you, the insurance will provide you with a lawyer.

Compensation due to disability or death up to 6,000 euros

We hope you never have to use this clause in the event that you include it in your bicycle insurance. Alaska by bicycle

Travel assistance outside of Spain

Travel assistance offered by most insurance companies that market this coverage is limited to the territory of Spain. If you are fond of participating in tests and marches abroad, or if you make long cycling routes through other countries, you should expand this coverage. You can hire it for countries of the European Union. It is a habitual case for cycling fans who want to perform the full of Santiago and circulate both through France and Spain.
No insurance company takes over situations derived from breaches of the circulation code
If you are going to use the bicycle outside any of the member countries of the European Union, address your company directly to consult the coverage and prices that can be offered.

Are there situations that companies don't cover?

Yes, there are. Although customers can find all kinds of coverage adjusted to their profile and needs, No insurance company takes care of situations derived from breaches of the circulation code, negligence or irresponsibility. [IRP posts = "3079" name = "What happens if I have a bike accident and I have no insurance?"] These are, for example, circulate with the bicycle when the authorities advise not to do it on the roads due to weather complications. contract Note that Those accidents that originate due to the normal wear of the bicycle components will not be covered, such as the usual deterioration of the brake or consumables. On the other hand, before hiring the bicycle insurance, read it completely and consult any questions that may cause you. Some companies rule out payment for the breakage of materials in the case of weekend sports tests and competitions. If this clause is only at recreational exits, and you are an occasional or regular competitor, plant yourself hire special coverage that covers that peculiarity.
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