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Five points of your bicycle that you must check every little time

Five points of your bicycle that you must check every little time

grease bicycle There are many good reasons to review our bicycle every little time. On the one hand, doing periodic maintenance will avoid dislikes such as being thrown in the middle of a walk, training or competition. On the other, take care of it and give it the attention that it deserves every little time is The best way to prolong the useful life of each of its components. As if that were not enough, a revised and tight bicycle will work every day as if it were the first. Is it worth it, right? What many bicycle fans are not so clear about what points to paying special attention when it comes to pampering their bike. We hope to give a hand with it.

1. The tires

Although it seems obvious, when we ride a bicycle The tires are the only thing that keeps us together to the ground. If you circulate with the very low pressure, the friction surface will be greater and, in addition to needing more effort to move, you will stop worse. In addition, you will be subjecting the wheel to a high puncture risk, although it can also occur on the contrary, an excess of air in the camera. Inflate biciclceta wheel A pressure gauge will be your best ally to succeed. Remember that the tire manufacturer itself indicates on the side of the roof What is the ideal pressure that you must present.

2. The fork

That The fork is one of the elements of the bicycle that suffer the most, especially in a Mountain BikeIt is a proven fact. >>> How to perform proper maintenance of your bicycle fork Periodically observe how the seals are, which usually wear out for friction between bars and bottles. If they are dry you can lubricate them. The part that dries the most of the bars is the one on the air. To enjoy a good suspension, lubricates the fork always before leaving home by pedaling. Bicycle disc brakes

3. The braking system

A good way to make sure that the braking system is about is verifying, one by one, the most important parts that compose it. In the handles you have to Check that there is no leakage of oil or by the thrust plunger or the tapas.
Having a bicycle in perfect condition is incompatible that it has dirt or wet
Then we will pass to the hose, which should not be folded or worn out. And then to the tweezers, that so that they work correctly they should not have leaks in the joints with the hose, in the pistons or in the bleeding nozzle. The discs should never be bent or present a thickness of less than 1.5 mm. As for the pills, a good way to know when you have to change them is with the reference of 0.5 mm thick. If they reach it, it is time to look for new ones.

Cleaning of the Bicycle Change

4. The chain

We always remember to grease the chain before taking the bicycle to go to train or participate in a race, as well as clean it well and grease it after an intense day. But that does not mean that, periodically, we should not give this part the attention it deserves. Placing the chain on the big plate and small pinion, we can clean it gently rubbing with a brush that has soap and hot water. We will also rub the dishes, the front diversor, the rear cassete and the change ruling. We will clarify everything with a lot of water (without pressure) and we will dry it with a cloth. Next, the time will come to degrease the chain with a specific product to, finally, grease the transmission and cables. Second -hand bicycles Tuvalum

5. Neither dirt nor moisture

Having a bicycle in perfect condition is incompatible that it has dirt or wet. So, if you usually keep it for a few days, weeks or for a longer time, make sure you do it in a dry place and in which no frost occurs. >>> What is the best way to save your bicycle In addition, it avoids dust cleaning it periodically with a damp cloth and a dry cloth. Yes indeed, It is completely unleashed. If there is a risk of taking dust, you can use a special wax for the painting, the handlebar or the pedals or, even better, cover it with a waterproof case.
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